Innovations In Plastic Packaging

A 3-day event will be held in Anaheim, CA for packaging and manufacturing professionals to showcase the latest in plastic packaging. The innovations that will be featured at PLASTEC West event include the following:

  • Duofold combination packaging from HLP Klearfold of New York includes a combination of the best attributes of clear, box-grade plastic and paperboard to create a truly distinctive visual packaging. The two different substrates allow for unique structural design that will not be possible by using paperboard or plastic alone. Each of the substrates is different in terms of visual, textural and tactile impressions.
  • Soft Crease on the other hand created a rigid film that can be used for multiple plastic carton panels or to make windows that can be used to wrap around multiple score lines. The structural design possibilities are unlimited in creating a strong shelve impact that is a combination of offset, flexo and/or paperboard panels or both. It also includes foil stamping and other decorating special effects applicable to both plastic and paperboard panels.
  • Lasersharp Flex Pack introduces the Prime Peel that allows packages to be easily opened and reclosed while maintaining the integrity of its contents. This new and efficient innovation can be considered as an accurate example of flexible packaging. Lasers are used to produce the peel and reclose packages with clean and accurate patterns.
  • Schur Star Concept has created flexible packaging in multiple bag formats without additional tooling costs. This flexible packaging solution allows quick changeover times to run multiple products or just one line without any setup times. The Schur bags are expected to meet all functionality requirements including all types of barrier capacities.

However, not all packaging requirements can be achieved through plastics. In spite the different innovations in packaging, there are still traditional packaging materials that can satisfactorily fulfill the demands of customers. An example is Paper Mart paper bags that meet the requirements of customers for recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging. Paper bags are cost effective and they are seen as a solution to the growing amount of packaging waste in the landfills. Paper bags can also be reused for other purposes aside from packaging.