Idea For Electric Car Race Lighting Up

With the world realizing the importance of conserving energy and protecting the environment, global demand has shifted from fossil fuels into more sustainable energy sources. One particular area of interest is battery technology. A few months ago, Tesla released the Powerwall Battery System, a solar charged battery system, which is becoming quite popular. There was even news of a Gold Coast resident setting up a residential power station in his house using the batteries. It seems that it’s going to be more common to see a Tesla battery in Gold Coast and in other places in Australia.

Speaking of battery technology, another field is being affected by the recent change in trends. With electric cars becoming more commonplace, there have been murmurings for an electric car race in Australia.

The BCCAN; the Bathurst Community Climate Action Network, believes that electric car races are a viable prospect, representative of the advancements of today towards the future. They believe that it is capable of being as popular as the more traditional automotive sport events. As such, they have been silently preaching about the idea of a big electric car racing event in Australia. They have proposed the nearby Mount Panorama Circuit as a possible venue.

This idea may have something to do with the fact that, last October, Alejandro Agag stated that he was looking towards other countries, Australia included, for possible venues for his Formula E event, of which he is the chief executive.  The Formula E is an automotive sport event that was envisioned as a means of demonstrating the potential of sustainable transportation, and how it could hold up to traditional methods of transport. Mr. Agag has been speaking with key figures all over Australia, such as in Sydney and Gold Coast.

Current technology means that the primary issue with electric cars, and, consequently, the event, is not the velocities e-cars are capable of achieving, but ensuring that their batteries last for the event. As it is, E-car racing events instead give every participating team two cars, with a switch occurring in place of a pit stop.

With the views on battery technology, many of the world’s minds are currently seeking a solution, which most believe will lead to massive leap with regards to renewable energy.

The technological advancements that led to the normality of seeing a Tesla battery in Gold Coast may one day lead to e-car races all over the world.