HTML5 Online Website Generation Tools

The era of WYSIWYG HTML editors is drawing to an end. It is slowly being replaced by a number of online website generation tools. Their claim to fame is that they are accessible from any device and from anywhere. Yet, they are still able to create great sites without having deep coding or programming knowledge.

Three of the well-known online website generation tools currently are SILEX, Weebly and Wix.


The Silex platform offers a WYSIWYG editor that is browser based. It has drag and drop, real time previews, and image and CSS editors. This is free, without hidden costs or any licensing requirements. Pages which are modified in the are saved in a user’s hard drive for ownership of data. A user is able to work with other developers through Dropbox or migrate a work to a host via FTP.

There are also numerous free templates found in GitHub and paid templates in Templamatic. There are many embeddable widgets for forms, slideshows and videos.


Weebly pages are created from dropping text, images and several other elements to an editor canvas. The elements are re-arrangeable through dragging across pages and placing with thorough precision since elements snap to a grid automatically. Weebly doesn’t limit the customization options for these elements.

Aside from webpage design, Weebly has an app store named App Centre which allows for installation of application functionality to websites. The App Centre has everything from marketing apps to menu integrations.

Weebly is a one stop shop for creating websites and apps, including domain registration, hosting and SEO. However, not all things are free. A free plan gets a user a 5000MB storage, the Drag & Drop Site Builder and a sub-domain. There will be ads displayed on a site. To remove ads and add extra features, it is better to sign up as a paying account, from $10 – $60 monthly.


Wix provides a builder, 500MB storage, unlimited pages, secure hosting and a free mobile site. If this is not enough, a Premium Plan upgrade gets a user more features, from $4.08 – $24.92 monthly.

Wix provides a free URL on their domain. They make use of a blank website editor. Pages are created through the addition of elements to this editor, which include icons, buttons, forms, shapes, boxes and audio players. It also has an App Market for third-party app integration.


Creating websites is now done in a variety of ways. Online website generation tools like the ones mentioned above are an easy way to do so. However, for those wanting to pursue more like learn the underlying methods and techniques, as well as do coding, an HTML5 training is best.