How Players Can Be Safe While Football Fans Watch Football Online

A multitude of young athletes play high school football and usually have their hearts and bodies out on the field. It can also be their chance to watch football online, as they develop the football skills, and be more acquainted with the game.

However, for some, just like Eddie Canales, it can be a bittersweet experience. Many just love to play the game, but they don’t realise that it can cost too much as a result, especially when you see your child suffering from spinal cord injury.

Canales even watch football online when that incident happened. The game was great as it played, but when it was slowed down, at the very last minute, he saw his son’s chin dropped down.

The father and son knew they had to help support players and their families in similar situations. This happened when they saw another player suffer another injury while on the game. It led to the creation of a new organization, Gridiron Heroes. In 2011, Mr. Canales received his recognition as a CNN hero for his dedicated work. And even then, he received headlines and calls from various parts of the country.

In a month when the new high school football season started, Gridiron Heroes had more calls from families with athletes handling spinal cord injuries in Tennessee, one in South Carolina, another in Texas and traumatic brain injuries in California. One death from spinal cord injury in Louisiana was also reported.

How to Protect the Player’s Heads

People may just love to watch football online (ดูบอล), but it’s a dangerous game that needs players to protect their heads. According to studies, several former NFL players donated their brains to science after dying from chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE. The disease is chronic, and it’s linked with repeated head trauma and concussions, researchers say.

Nowadays, all 50 American states have adhered to a legislation where students are provided with guidelines to ensure their safety against concussions. Hits on the head have been a major concern even for younger players. According to Mr. Canales, people are starting to understand why young players need to be protected from danger at all times.