How Denis O’Brien Can Help Rebuild The City Of Port-au-Prince

The impoverished Haiti was stricken by a very strong earthquake that devastated 200,000 lives and some existing infrastructure. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.0, which totally destroyed Port-au-Prince and are currently needing to rebuild the city. Life has been so difficult since, especially that over 1-1/4-million people now live in tents, despite having relief efforts from aiding organizations which have been working hard since the very first day. The famous philanthropist, Denis O’Brien decided to help Haiti in every way through his foundations.

Just picture how it is with the Haiti people. They have been living in plastic tents, where all sides are closed and with some small ventilation. The tent size is just enough to fit a single bed and a small shelf where you can keep your personal belongings. Water is from a common source just 50 meters away from where you live. The toilets and bathing facilities are common, and there are thousands of people living in that compound just where you live. And it can be so hot at daytime with temperature about 45 degrees Celsius. Yes, there is electricity but there is no provision for fans. And Haitians have been living there for the past four months.

This is how people are now living in Port-au-Prince, and there are over a million of them. There have been billions of dollars donated for this country; unfortunately, Haitians need to settle in this arrangement for some time until the city is fully reconstructed and developed.

The Tragedy of Haiti

Therein lies an estimated 700,000 houses already destroyed by the devastating earthquake. Three quarters of the houses are found in the capital city. The houses that have collapsed and were destroyed now need the site cleared to start rebuilding the area. Clearing debris is now a painstaking operation, especially that houses are adjoining from each other. The streets are so small that it only fits a small car. Heavy machinery will find it impossible to move. Then there is a question on where to dispose the billions tonnes of debris. It could have been easier if people were provided with alternative land to reconstruct their houses. Then there’s also a problem of unemployment and no businesses. So let us see how the foundations of Denis O’Brien can help this poor country.