Hatch Warren Infant School Playground Vandalized By Hoodie Gang

Hoodies have been a part of human lives ever since the old ages. As the human way of life evolves, so will hoodies. The ways hoodies are used have greatly evolved in the past centuries. In this modern age, hoodies are used by people because it is fashionable and would make the wearer look good. Designs have also changed tremendously. Although plain is still the domineering style of hoodies, they can also be printed with many patterns or images of famous personalities or TV shows like My Little Pony. But there is one thing about hoodies that hasn’t changed. They are still a good way to conceal one’s face.

Sadly, the concealing ability of the hoodie has been greatly abused by people with bad intentions like in the case with Hatch Warren Infant School in Basingstoke. The school was plagued by a gang of youths who have not only intimidated the school staff but had also vandalized school property.

When the staff and the pupils returned to Hatch Warren Infant School after the Easter holidays, they were all devastated to find out that the shed that had contained all of the toys have been broken into. Not only that; all the toys were strewn all over the playground.

According to the school head teacher, the gang also comes back after the school hours to intimidate school staff.

A member of the staff was also racially and verbally abused by one member of the gang who was described as wearing a hoodie and is about 14 to 18 years old.
According to them, it is not the first time that their school was targeted by vandals. Last year, about ₤2000 worth of damage were caused to the same playground.

They were also taunting the staff, always looking for trouble but when the police would come, they would run away. Last Friday, the taunting had become so intense that the gang had even brought sticks and batons.

Parents who lived close to the school were notified about the situation and were asked to report any trespasses in order to catch the gang.