Green Ribbons Wrapped Around Ash Trees To Warn Against Swarm

Ribbons had been used for a number of purposes in the past. Primarily, they are used as a decorative material but they can also be used to unite a wide number of people for a single purpose.

But in Lincoln, Nebraska, they are being used to warn the people. All around the city, certain types of trees were wrapped with green ribbons in order to inform the people of the trees that are bound to die after a swarm of emerald ash borer passes through. The emerald ash borer is a type of beetle that is a known foreign U.S. invader that is known to cause the most destructive infestation of U.S. trees.

When people pass by a tree that is wrapped with a green ribbon, then they will know that tree might die because of the swarm that is headed for the city’s location and it is also likely that the swarm could already be in the state of Nebraska.

About 200 ribbons were tied by the city and state staff in Lincoln which also includes the trees of the east campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a project conducted to help people know what an ash tree looks like and the tree loss that the city may suffer after an ash borer attack.

Students from McPhee Elementary School had helped with the placing of ribbons as part of their project. The bands that were put on the trees will remain there until the first week of May to help people not only recognize ash trees but also to help them know if they have one in their yards.

City officials say that is very important to prepare for the coming of the swarm. There are certain things that people can do to avoid the ash borer attack. They could either replace their ash trees with a different species of trees or they could treat their ash trees with insecticides. Although if people should treat their trees, it is best to wait until the swarm is about 15 miles from your location.

Unfortunately though, ash borers are hard to detect until it is already there.