Good News For The Smart Home Industry In Egypt

After a long day of working, you drive to your place and the light automatically turns on as you come out of the car. Without fumbling for your house keys, the front door then opens for you. Your air conditioning system is already on and the house is in the temperature you desire because you have set it 30 minutes before arriving. You will then be welcomed by your favorite television show. This routine can be easily changed with just a simple tweak on an app. With this, you don’t need any servants and you will only need your phone. Having a smart home means that you have various invisible staff inside the house which is comprised of wireless communications, computer programs as well as motion sensors.

If you are living in the United States then home automation is not a new subject because of the reputation of the country in being the world capital of everything. Back in 1970s, there are already automatic lights available on the market. These can be turned on and off with the use of a timer. People got tired of pushing a single button for their morning coffee thus companies invented a coffee machine that starts brewing minutes before you wake up. Security systems are now installed not just to scare the intruders but the alarm the police at the same time. When the 21st century entered, universal remotes are as small as paperbacks. Nowadays, you can access everything through your home screen.

Egypt is now starting to see the rise of home automation in the country after its stall which lasted for five years because of the political climate and the economic problem that is inflicting the country. There are now a number of small startup companies that offer installation of systems for home automation in Egypt. These are advertised as systems that are fully customizable, hack-proof ad reliable. According to the chairman and founder of Sphere Smart Solutions, Wael Refaat, they are not just marketing a product but rather offering an experience to the consumers. Analysts are already predicting that the market for smart home will be twice in 2020 but as they say, nothing is set in stone.