Gift Ideas For Upcoming Mother’s Day Celebration

Although Mother’s Day is still almost a month’s away, it is not too early to think about the gifts you want to give your mother, granny or wife. This year’s Mother’s Day is going to fall on the 14th of May. If you are already looking out on the perfect gifts to give, here are some gift ideas so that you don’t have to resort to greeting cards.

  • If your mom or wife is a bookworm then there is nothing better to give than Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite e-reader. You can never go wrong with a good book and with this gift. The woman in your life will be able to access a whole library of e-books. If she is a prime member then she will be able to enjoy free books as well. If you are eyeing the $80 basic Kindle then why not buy Paperwhite version for $120 since it has better screen resolution and the backlight is ideal for reading in various settings.
  • For someone who loves makeup, a compact mirror would be perfect. There is a new innovation of compact mirrors that will allow the user to charge her phone at the same time. For only $30, your mom will have a compact mirror with magnifying features together and she can fast-charge her phone anytime because of the built-in battery.
  • For jewelry loving moms, it is not easy to decide on the style or type they want. The best option is for you to subscribe to a service where recipients will be able to try different jewelries and have the option to purchase or send them back for another item. You can subscribe for as low as $49 for three months.
  • If your wife has trouble going to sleep most nights, the Nox Music Smart Sleep Light is the ideal option. It can sooth her to sleep through the light it emits that contains red wavelengths. The equipment is only $149.
  • If you want to give personalised gifts, watch out for hints and clues of what they might need and add something unique to the table. You can also give canvas arts with their photos or their favorite quotes.