Getting A Taste Of India Through Bawarchi

In Bangkok, the people of Thailand have been treated with exquisite Indian cuisine through the various Indian restaurants that had opened in the marvelous city of angels including the Bawarchi Bangkok. Now, the Indian restaurant has come to Myanmar.

Before New Year, the Bawarchi Indian restaurant chain had already announced the opening of their first outlet in Myanmar, particularly at the commercial city of Yangon. According to a press statement, it had promised “mouthwatering and authentic” cuisine. The restaurant chain primarily focuses in providing mainly Indian dishes but also treats its customers with a fusion of Indian and Chinese delicacies. Coupled with a stunning ambiance and effective customer services, Bawarchi is yet again expected to conquer the hearts of men, this time the Burmese people.

Upon arriving at the entrance of the restaurants, patrons would immediately glad that they made the right decision to come to the restaurant. This is not because of the ostentatious décor that the restaurant has, which is also common to most Indian restaurant, not the over-designed interior, but because of their music.
Typical of most Indian restaurants, Bawarchi also makes use of Indian Bollywood music. For most people, Bollywood can be very addicting. No one could resist the urge to sway to the background as Bollywood music is a very lively type of music. You’ll definitely be reinvigorated with the music alone.

And the instant they taste the food, they’ll definitely get hooked. Every taste would seem like magic, from the first bite to the last.

Bawarchi never seems to fail in any department, from the cooking, to the setting, and even the customer service. Every coin is definitely worth it as the restaurant gives exceptional customer experience that would certainly garner great reviews.
So if you haven’t tried the Bawarchi yet, you are definitely missing out.

Due to the success that the restaurant chain had experienced in Bangkok and India, Myanmar is only the start of their expansion. You can expect them to establish other Bawarchi restaurants in the Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam, Indonesia the rest of Asia and probably, the rest of the world.