Frequent And Heavy Rains Can Cause A Flooded Basement

August is a normally dry month in Janesville but over the last 30 days, its residents have experienced heavy and frequent rains. Based on the Gazette records for the past 69 years, Janesville received more than twice of what should be average rainfall for July and August. Residents are concerned over their wet walls and puddles that formed in the basement. It looks like the more it rains, everything gets saturated and people see more leakages sprouting.

Badger is one of the contractors that are frequently called upon to deal with wet basements. The most frequent issues of homeowners are leaks at the joint where the wall meets the floor above the basement. In some cases, the foundation has cracks or water is flowing into the window well. Badger has a common solution which is to jackhammer a channel into a basement and under the wall. A drain will be built from the place where water comes from to a sump pump or a hole in the floor.

However, the problem of wet basements can also come from overhead. When the water from the roof falls too close to the house to saturate the ground, it can result into water flowing towards the basement. Badger suggests fixing gutters and downspouts in order for water to be expelled away from the house. If the ground next to the house is sloping towards the wall instead of away from the home soil can added so that water will run away. Another option is to dig a shallow channel so that water will flow to the right direction.

Most of Badger’s customers have already experienced the problems in the past and finally decided to have something done. It is important however to work with a contractor that specializes on home maintenance because a lot of things have to be taken into consideration.

In Perth WA, there is Cool Spec Roof and Gutters that can undertake inexpensive gutter cleaning to avoid further damages. Given the amount of damages that blocked gutters can cause, it makes sense to call a team of professionals who can handle cleaning as well as repairs and replacements.