Florida – The Land Of Flowers, The Sunshine State And The Lightning State Of America

Many people dream to take a break and travel to Florida. In Spanish, Florida means “the land of flowers”. In the United States, it is the state in the southeastern part of America. To its west is Gulf of Mexico, to its north is Georgia and Alabama, to its east is the Atlantic Ocean, and to its south the Strait of Cuba. It spans two time zones and looks like a panhandle in the maps. Florida is 3rd most populous and 8th of the most densely populated state in America. Its most populous municipality is Jacksonville while its most populous urban is the metropolis of Miami. The capital of Florida is Tallahassee.

Having varying climates of tropical down south and subtropical up north make tourists and adventurers flocking to take a break and travel to Florida. They rarely get snowfall and is therefore dubbed as the “Sunshine State”. Ironically, a part of Florida is also called the “Lightning State”, because it receives more lightning than any part of the US, but that is not the scariest part. If water sprouts are included, Florida has the most tornadoes in the US although the intensity is not as devastating as those in Great Plains or the Midwest. Florida is a peninsula and the only area that borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, giving it the longest coastline of 1,350 miles. It is the longest coastline in the United States. The geographical characteristic of the area makes most of it near or at sea level making it a prime destination for retirees. Another reason for its popularity with retirees is that the cost of living is low. The state is also known for its orange orchards and amusement parks.

Florida is influenced by multiple cultures, albeit most of its expatriate community is Cuban. They offer extensive cuisine due to the multiple culture influences which include European, Hispanic, Latino, Native American, and African American. With the ocean and beaches just at arm’s reach, water sports are very popular. Among others, Florida is also a global icon for a prime destination for lovers of auto racing, tennis, and most of all, golf. The ambiance is also a paradise for lovers of nature and art and where authors love to seek inspiration to write.