Experts Calling For The Regulation Of Health And Safety

The government has been busy cracking down red tape but after the fire incident in one of the towers in London, over 700 organizations have signed a petition letter that is demanding the Prime Minister to stop such acts.

The letter was given to the officials of Downing Street last June 21 contains their plea to put an end to deregulation of the health and safety. It was previously imposed to enact the “one in, three out” method they are using to lessen the businesses’ burden when it comes to legislative requirements. Experts such as the Canterbury health and safety consultants are also in agreement with the letter’s plea.

The letter came after the fire that occurred at the Grenfell Tower at the beginning of this month. Many people are claiming that this incident should not have happened if the Government was not focused on their attempts to lessen red tape. This method results to some of the laws under health and safety being dismantled in the process.

The letter was composed by a number of international professionals in the field of health and safety, top academics as well as a number of MPs. It says that it has been several years since the attempt of the ministers and those in the office to stop the current regulations over important matters including health and safety because of principle.

Arbitrary rules were put in place in order for the deregulation of the health and safety to be enacted. One requirement is to remove two regulations from the health and safety law. The newly adopted one calls for three regulations to be removed.

The letter also said that the health and safety regulations are a requirement after full consultation has been done proving that these are good, has the proper evidence and is proportion to the aim of saving lives as well as protecting the health and wellbeing of the citizens. These regulations should not be deemed as burdens on the part of the businesses as they are imposed to make sure the public is protected from any identifiable danger. The Canterbury health and safety consultants are in agreement with the contents of the letter and are hoping the issue can be used as a proof that their country should also put health and safety above all.