Eliminating Errors And Inefficiencies In Billing Through Workflow Software

It was 2014 and TEN: The Enthusiastic Network was at the crossroads because media business has drastically changed and digital advertising was becoming more time consuming and labor intensive. TEN found itself in a position where it was bogged down by inefficient processes in its print and digital workflow.

There is no question about the growth of its digital business but print has declined. Billing and tracking also became extremely difficult because it takes week to enter. There were issues on delayed billing because digital orders were usually entered by billing staff only after the month has ended. Further delays of three to four weeks usually occur when the finance department has to reconcile data.

Digital orders are manually booked through DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) meaning they cannot be found in the internal systems until billing.  Reconciliation with DFP, third party reporting and insertion orders is very inefficient because of the inadequacy of reporting. TEN was still using paper and email workflow wherein sales reps manually fill out insertion orders through Word and Excel then hand them off to ad operations for entry.

Duplication of entries was quite common because of the manual entry process. Errors were very frequent in order entry and data does not match. On top of that, there are no tools that can measure credit worthiness. It is very clear that TEN’s processes need fixing because its technology infrastructure was outdated.

What TEN needed was something that will fix their workflow into a unified manner to cover all corners of the company. After spending months on evaluation and establishing priorities and key performance indicators, TEN decided on an integrated workflow that included specific modules for CRM and commissions, print and digital, credit control, credit card processing and reporting. The workflow helped TEN in reducing costs and errors while enhancing efficiency. Invoices were also automated thus eliminating the tear sheets and paper invoices.

Manual management of invoices is quite common for businesses but it can be time consuming and less reliable. An option is invoice workflow management to eliminate unnecessary invoice approval delays. Instead of manual data entry, electronic invoicing will ensure speed and precision.