Electrical Contractor Files Suit In Court For Unpaid Bills

AES Electrical that is also known as Freestyle Electrical is a Maryland-based electrical contractor that has filed a suit in Washington D.C.’s Superior Court so that they can recoup $2,075,731.61 from the work they provided to the Old Post Office that was renovated into the Trump International Hotel. The electrical contractor claims that they got stiffed on the bill for their non-stop work to ensure that the luxury hotel will be ready for a televised campaign in September.

According to Freestyle Electrical, work on the project started on September 29, 2014 but they were order to accelerate work last fall because Trump wanted a televised campaign to be held at the hotel to honour US veterans. The Trump International Hotel has already received bookings for a soft opening scheduled for September 12.

In order to ensure that work is done on schedule, Freestyle crew worked non-stop for 10 to 14 hours daily for nearly 50 consecutive days without any rest days. Freestyle further claimed that their crew worked on the same pace for the grand opening on October 26, an event that was covered nationally because it was held prior to the US presidential elections.

The Trump Hotel was successfully opened and is now operating. Trump was also elected as the next US President but the amount due for the work of subcontractors like Freestyle remained unpaid. In the suit, Freestyle has claimed that they have received payment to the amount of $15,130,267.39 but when a bill for additional costs was submitted, the Trump Organization offered to pay only a third of the bill.

This is not the first time that Trump Organization was accused of pressuring contractors to accept reduced payments for projects. There are instances when they fail to pay what they owe for work done. USA Today and other organizations have reported that there are 3,500 lawsuits against the Trump Organization for failure to pay bills and wages.

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