Electric Cars Are Not The Solution To New Zealand’s Woes

The government of New Zealand has announced its support for electric cars but according to motoring experts, traffic congestion cannot be solved by the introduction of electric cars. According to a car review website, the government’s announcement has certainly missed the point. The problem with transport is not between petroleum-based cars and electric cars but cars and public transport. The motorways of the city can be literally filled with electric cars but still traffic will not be solved.

A suggestion for the government of New Zealand is to invest in electric trains and buses not electric cars so that traffic congestion can be reduced. Cars are important for transport but they are more ideal for special trips on roads that are not likely to be congested with numerous cars and other vehicles. Cars are lousy forms of mass transport and using electric cars will not make a difference. Electric cars do not use energy while sitting still in traffic but so do petroleum-based cars. Most of the modern petroleum-based cars automatically switch off once they are not being driven.

An electric car that runs all day will drain its batteries. It also lacks the range to be a perfect alternative to traditional petrol cars. Contrary to what electric car manufacturer’s claim, the distance travelled is only about one third or two thirds the distance. In spite of the claims made by the government, New Zealand can benefit a lot from a nationwide train system that runs on renewable energy. The city stands to gain from less traffic congestion, fewer accidents involving trucks and reduction on the dependence to fossil fuels.

Actually, travel across Auckland should only take about 2 hours but traffic makes this impossible. The problem is due to the great number of cars sharing little space. Encouraging the use of electric cars on the streets will certainly result into more traffic since they are bound to increase the number of cars on the roads.

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