Disrupting A Pleasant Afternoon With The Roar Of A Muscle Car              

It is common for motorcycle and car drivers to visit Auto Parts Canada to look for aftermarket exhaust parts as replacement for the factory-fitted exhaust components of their vehicle. The idea is to improve aesthetic appeal, performance and the sound produced by the vehicle. After market exhaust systems allow the engine to breathe better so that spent fuel and air can exit the combustion chambers more quickly.

However, there are cities with regulations against crazy loud and illegal mufflers from muscle cars and motorcycles. The noise is different from the pleasant rumble of a Harley Davidson as it travels across the city. Not once has the noise of a Harley Davidson been considered as disruptive.

However, because of the proliferation of aftermarket exhaust systems, drivers of muscle cars and motorcycles can easily disrupt a pleasant afternoon. The noise can easily drown out police and firemen sirens. Nevertheless, regulations and enforcement in California are lax and do not mind the noise.

Jets taking off or approaching airports produce sounds that register a bit above 100 decibels. The figure is exactly the same as noise levels measured by Mario Tabernig, a retired mechanical engineer who monitored noise levels for several hours near Huntington Dog Beach.

Tabernig used a calibrated decibel gauge to measure the sound levels in an area where businesses thrive and people reside. This was supposed to be a safe haven or a relatively peaceful area where you can hear the sounds of surf. However, a motorcycle club roaring down the streets produces noise that exceeds 100 decibels. Sounds of cars have also reached the same level.

When a motor vehicle that is equipped with a muffler is properly maintained, there are no excessive and unusual sounds even with constant operation. Most of the noise problem comes from hobbyists who love to tinker with their vehicles and modify their exhaust systems to impress or annoy their neighbors.

Meanwhile, there are also good reasons why drivers go to Auto Parts Canada for aftermarket exhaust systems. They can to create a noticeable but distinctly aggressive exhaust note. There are also aftermarket exhaust systems that will provide them with some performance gains.