CPSC Campaigning Against Falling Furniture

Based on the report released by Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC, one child dies for every two weeks because of falling furniture inside the house. The public is now aware of the shocking statistic after the death of another 2 year old boy which is caused by a dresser from Ikea – this is the third death caused by the said dresser since 2014.

There is now an ongoing recall of the said dresser after the occurrence of the third death. The dressers have been sold more than 27 million times and it has been manufactured with the brand name of Malm. It was only last year that the Swedish company issued a warning campaign to all the customers regarding the dressers because it is known to topple because of the assembly process. Ikea is well known because it has affordable furniture that can by DIYed by the customers.

According to safety advocates, the attempt of the Ikea by launching the campaign is merely a way of them fixing the problem despite the fact that Ikea have given away more than 300,000 kits for free to be used in securing the dressers into the walls of the house.

According to a statement from the representative of Consumer Federation of America, Rachel Weintraub, regarding the recall, the education campaign launched by Ikea is not the solution to the risk presented by their product. She also added that it was not a quick solution and that the product needs to leave the market. This is now a bit late as she admitted that it should have been acted on sooner so not children are killed and harmed in the process.

Six deaths are claimed to be in connection with the Malm dresser. The company has already released a list of all the furniture pieces for recall.

According to the chairman of CPSC, Elliot Kaye, majority of the cases are not the fault of the parents alone. Kaye has already stated a national movement called Anchor It in order to avoid any future accidents similar to this one. This is also a wakeup call to consumers to make sure that they are buying safe furniture such as variety of oak tables and desks.