Couple Celebrated Wedding With A Halloween Theme

For single people, marriage might seem like a scary idea but not for the newlywed from Windsor. The couple decided to skip the traditional white dress and there were no ringing church bells as well when Raymond McCurdy and his wife Lori decided to tie the knot a week before Halloween. To make their wedding a memorable one, they decided to go with a Halloween theme – spooky but romantic at the same time.

Lori shared that they have decided as a couple that they do not want a traditional wedding because they know that they are different and they want to have fun always, most especially on their special day. They chose the theme in order to avoid all the seriousness that a traditional wedding can bring.

All of their invited guests were asked to attend in their costumes and the ceremony was held inside a marquee that is decorated with cobwebs and adorned with skull lanterns. There was also a witch cauldron to add to the spookiness.

The guests came in different costumes such as ponies, pirates and cowboys. The photographer for the event was dressed up as Grim Reaper. Once the siren has sounded, their version of wedding bells, the groom Raymond came into view with his ghastly skull mask that is sporting a gap-toothed smile.

After the groom entered, the wedding party followed suit – all of whom are dressed in black and with a bouquets that are consists of roses in the colours of black and silver to match the theme.

The crowd left their seats in order to get a better view of the bride who came in with his flowing black bridal gown. What makes her overall appearance unique is that half of her face has been painted to show a skull with elaborate design while a portion of her hair has been shaved to resemble a cobweb pattern.

Raymond shared that he has always been fascinated with Halloween especially the idea of visiting haunted houses and trick or treating with kids in their costumes.

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