Council Analyses The Possibility Of Turning Wastewater Ponds To Solar Panels On The Gold Coast

Gold Coast council officers are currently reviewing a proposal on the possibility of transforming a network of wastewater ponds into Australia’s biggest solar energy farms. As what a top council figure states, the wastewater pools are covered in solar panels on the Gold Coast and used to produce power for treatment plants and to lower the council’s operating costs.

The plan can also eliminate vast evaporation from the ponds. However, the proposal is still in its early days and is not certain if it’s going to be implemented. But when it is adopted, it can bring many advantages of enormous advances in solar power generation. Gold Coast being located on the southeast can sustain about four hours of full sun per day, making it one of Australia’s sunniest city.

The council has declared that the city has installations of solar panels in a vast number of buildings and depots and are presently considering solar panels on the Gold Coast on the city’s waste and recycling centres. It can possibly generate effective electric power and sustain generation initiatives like what Biogas is currently doing to sewage treatment plants and the Gold Coast Water and Waste.

According to suppliers of solar panels on the Gold Coast, a 100-kilowatt solar system will need about 400 solar panels to occupy 660 square metres of space. This may seem a lot but will surely save you more on power bills. To compare the study, the Merrimac wastewater curingpond covers a land area of 7,500 square metres.

However, there is anothertop council figure who has questioned about the plan. They believe that the Gold Coast Council can’t afford to waste their money on a kind of experiment. The chances of making the solar panels on the Gold Coast work may seem uncertain and it may be an experiment involving risks. Council may just have wasted their money. Instead, they plan to spend the money on potential infrastructure that will minimize the price of water on the city, which is currently used for parks and sporting fields. So, such proposal may need to be reviewed further if it will be granted or not.