Common Traps Used In Content Marketing

Sometimes brands commit the same mistake in content marketing by creating more noise rather than fulfilling the satisfaction of their audiences. Agencies now have a lot of competition in other creative bodies such as the publishers, management consultancies and many other organizations.

An event was hosted by Digiday in order to gather in one place all of the top brands together with agencies and publishers that are responsible in their content marketing. The event was only for a day and it was held in London to talk about the issues and opportunities that these groups are facing. With the words of Tom Curtis who is the head of the marketing division in MediaCom, many threats are headed at them from different angles.

The event was called WTF Content Marketing and the participating brands and companies are HP, TUI, BP and Nissan. The agency experts that are there included Ogilvy & Mather, McCann and Karmarama. They discussed the challenges they have encountered in terms of new technologies, measurement, internal organization, distribution and influencers.

During the event, important issues were discussed and the highlights include:

– It is not easy to perform an internal reorganization. According to the Rachel Hawkes who is group social head of TUI, a holiday and travel brand, their company is now talking more about a centralized approach when it comes to content creation because it is common for companies with international teams to face problems such as duplication of work.
– Platform panic is something to be cautious of. BP, an oil company, said that there are seven audiences that would be interested in their content marketing which involves oils and some of these are customers, prospective employees, local communities and the government. These audiences will not be accessed with a single platform thus choosing the right one is important.
– The up and coming brand experience involve bots. According to Ogilvy & Mather’s head of innovation, James Whatley, bots will play a big role in terms of content marketing in the future since it is already being used by companies in other applications.
– There are still problems when it comes to ROI linking. Linking sales and content marketing is still one of the issues brands are facing nowadays and they are still exploring this area.