Chatham Borough Worried About Trees They Are Losing

A report was presented by the Chatham Borough Shade Tree Commission’s chairperson, Colleen Truppo, and it revealed that they have lost around 1,200 trees within the last four years under their own canopy. The report was shown during the regular meeting conducted by the Borough of Chatham Council. In Australia, tree lopper Perth is not allowed to cut down just any trees without permit.

Within the same time period, the Shade Tree Commission was only able to plant around 281 trees which resulted to a loss of 919 trees in the last four years. For 17 years, Chatham has been recognized as the tree City and they could lose their title in the coming years.

Truppo said during her power point presentation that the new trees they are planting could not compensate for the amount of trees that Chatham Borough is losing.

As an answer to this, Truppo suggested that they should increase Chatham’s tree canopy in supplement to the annual tree plantings they are conducting. She also urged the council to make a resolution that will make it possible to have a budget rider from the commission so that homeowners will have opportunities to make donations if they want to buy a tree that is located on a public space.

Truppo said that she has heard a number of homeowners that wanted to buy public owned trees that have been planted in front of their properties. With that fund, the Shade Tree Commission will be able to plant more trees and excess money will be funneled to buying additional trees.

Jim Lonergan, a member of the council, is in favor of the budget rider proposal along with other members of the council. The mayor of the town, Bruce Harris, said that they will create a resolution in the following meetings to be held.

Truppo said that there is a significant number of trees that have been cut down and because homeowners are not aware, they should make an effort to let the public know about this issue.

They are hoping that homeowners would not resort to cutting a tree but take care of it as much as possible. Australia is following the same stance and tree lopper Perth is only hired in cases where the trees are dying or posing a risk.