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Team Lead By Indian Break Guinness World Record At Koh Tao

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With Thailand successfully cultivating tourism appeal for the country, it has become one of the world’s tourism hotspots, with tens of thousands of people from across the globe travelling to experience the nightlife of Bangkok or take in the sun-soaked views of the country’s many beaches from a high-class resort. People are now frequenting Koh Tao villas, and other tourist destinations in the country for their vacation needs.

Last February, however, a different kind of visitor flocked to the beaches of Koh Tao.

Mechanical Engineering student Suneet Jain, a non-residential Indian (NRI), was one of the many people who joined India’s Chrysalis Entrepreneur Forum for a daring feat: breaking the current Guinness World Record for the longest human chain underwater. With 182 participant scuba divers, the feat was attempted off the shores of Thailand, near the sun-soaked Koh Tao villas. The attempt was a success, ousting the former record, set by 173 Italian divers.

The endeavour was planned with the assistance of Absolute Scuba from India, and took place in the waters near the Coral Grand Resort, at Koh Tao’s Sairee Beach. The human chain formed by the numerous divers managed to reach a length of 140 metres.

The team was varied in composition, with 30-non swimmers with some first time scuba divers participating in the endeavour. The team members ranged from as young as 8 years old, to as old as 58. This group was responsible for laying the groundwork for the feat, including the recruitment and subsequent training of the 200 participants, finding the appropriate locate for the attempt, and then, handling the issues of organising a scuba diving event of such size in a foreign country. The team’s first attempt was a bust, due to their inexperience with handling saltwater, which necessitated the replacement of several participant divers and the creation of a new dive plan.  The group and their attempt was aimed to inspire people all over the world, by making a statement.

Suneet, was one of the participants and leaders in this undertaking, and is already planning out the next Guinness World Record attempt to see which is the most feasible.

Hotels Should Stop Whining About Airbnb According To The Chief Of Tourism

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According to a statement by the UN World Tourism Organisation’s secretary general, it is time for hotels to accept the fact that accommodation sector is not the same as before. With this, they should stop whining about the competition presented by companies like Airbnb and those that offer budget accommodation in Bangkok.

During the Global Summit of the World travel and Tourism Council which was held in Bangkok, TalebRifai expressed that one of the biggest challenges that the hospitality industry is trying to come to terms with is the advancement in technology. They have their focus on the growing economy that is now popularly known as the sharing economy.

He added that it is high time for hotels and companies to accept other accommodation provider that are located in the most well-known travel destinations in the world instead of being worried about their statues in the travel industry. They are concerned about the fact that the traditional tourism might be phased out because travel is now accessible to many people unlike before.

He also said that the sharing accommodation sector will stay for good and this is something that the industry should come to terms with. They should focus their energy in using this new phenomenon to benefit their business instead of trying to get rid of it and trying to shy away from it.

It may have shaken the roots of the tourism industry since the sector is deemed as conservative and conventional. It is not easy for these businesses to welcome these new trend and they do not have an idea on how to handle these factors that are due to the advent of technology.

Airbnb was not only attacked in Thailand because it has become a rival when it comes to budget accommodation in Bangkok but it has also been criticized in other parts of the world including New York, San Francisco and Amsterdam. With the platform, travellers are able to stay in homes being rented out by the homeowners. With this, hotels and other traditional accommodations are said to have been impacted when it comes to revenues and number of guests booking.

Reasons To Choose Best 4 Star Hotel In Sukhumvit

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5 star hotels are usually the best option for those who have the money to spend for luxury accommodations. However, if you would consider the very slight difference between a 5 star hotel and a 4 star hotel, you would be amazed at the savings you would get for practically, almost the same luxury and hotel perks. If you are the practical type, a best 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit could be your best option. The difference between a 5 star and 4 star hotels are not that striking. For one, some of the services in % star hotels are always available such as valet parking, concierge while restaurants are always open along with 24-hour room service. Whereas, in a 4 star hotel, such services are available upon request. If you need concierge or you need any of the services, you can just arrange it at the front desk. The rates for such services in 4 star hotel is lesser in rates compared to 5 star hotel.

Another positive point of choosing the best 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit is that you can book for suites and enjoy upscale amenities without paying for the price of 5 star accommodations.  Aside from compulsory services in 5 star hotels, booking at a 4 star hotel gives you the opportunity to save money on your accommodation. The good thing about 4 star hotels is that you pay the accommodation at a lower rate without compromising the quality of the hotel and your overall experience. Staying in a 4 star hotel allows you to save some hundreds of dollars in your vacation.

If you want to get the best 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit, book in advance especially if you are going to have your vacation during peak season. Those who are looking for ways to save money while enjoying the luxury of 5 star hotels would also opt for 4 star hotels which is why, it would be best to book early to ensure that you will have a room to stay in and get the accommodation that you want for less.

Secret Ways To Book For 5-Star Hotel Accommodation At Lower Rates

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It is very likely that you have experienced that sinking feeling when you learn that someone was able to book the same accommodation at a 5-star hotel for lower rates. Does the individual know someone in the travel business that made it possible to gain luxury rooms for less? When you want to splurge in a 5-star luxury room at a desired hotel, there are ways to save a few hundred dollars but you have to invest some efforts and time.

  • There is nothing wrong with working with standard travel sites but if you dig deeper enough, you will find hotel flash sale sites like The website is connected to Trip Advisor but it is exclusive and requires membership. There are discount deals for luxury hotels but it is for last minute bookings. At Today’s Deals, the rates are usually 40% lower than the lowest rates elsewhere. At Luxury Links, members can bid at auctions for luxury accommodations.
  • It is normal to determine the total cost of the stay at the 5-star hotel but travel writer Ben Schlappig says that it is smart to look at daily rates. Hotel charges are usually based on the average nightly rate but it does not always happen in practice. Do the math and make sure you are not overpaying for a computer glitch or misunderstanding.
  • If you have decided to extend your stay, do not simply call the front desk because it can cost you more particularly during summer where weekend rates are generally higher than weekday rates.
  • It is more convenient to book online but sometimes speaking directly with someone in the hotel yields better results. An extra hint from Tripit says to call the hotel’s local number and not the toll-free number.

If you want to experience the best in luxury and convenience, book at 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit where you can gain the most value for your dollars. The top lifestyle hotel in Sukhumvit combines style, design and location to match the requirements of both the leisure and business traveller. When you book online, you will receive free airport transfer through the hotel limousine.

Nightlife Has Never Been This Amazing

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Bangkok, the city of a glamorous, exotic and exciting nightlife. Bangkok is known to be one of the busiest city at night. Whether you enjoy just a simple and relaxing dining experience in a luxury restaurant or a wild night of drinking booze and live shows with your friends Bangkok can cater to all your desires. This amazing city offers a variety of nightlife scene that are all available every night for everyone yo experience. Bangkok has taken nightlife to a higher level.

Here is a short list on how to have a good time in the streets of Bangkok after the sun sets:

  1. Clubs – if listening to music, dancing into the groove and drinking the night away is your jam, then Clubbing will be a sure hit. From pop, Rhythm and Blues, Reggae, hip hop and the latest Electronic Dance Music (EDM) craze will make you dance your heart out.
  2. Live Shows – are worth watching because they provide very entertaining story and visual effects.
  • Cultural shows that tells the story of Bangkok’s history and heritage and explains the city’s culture through its extravagant production setting, costumes and special effects.
  • The Katoey Show is a fancy performance of Thai’s very popular and fabulous “ladyboys”. These men have undergone many surgical operations to hide all signs of masculinity including concealing their Adam’s apple.
  • Muay Thai is a very popular form of martial art in Thailand. It is a form of boxing that uses the entire body as a weapon. In Bangkok the associated Muay Thai with
  1. Bars – are laid back and a good place to relax and unwind. Enjoying exquisite food and cold drinks in a warm and cosy atmosphere is definitely worth a try.
  • Sports Bars are very popular in Bangkok for those individuals who wants to enjoy watching their favourite team win the finals with other people who have the same passion. Good food, unlimited drinks, superb service and high definition TV screens are the main elements of a great sports bar.
  • Rooftop Bars are also a craze in the city. People especially couples enjoy the fresh breeze and the over-looking scenery of the city from tall buildings. Dining experience will be at its peak in a rooftop bar in Bangkok.

Prices Drop In Favorite Tourist Destinations

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If you planning a holiday to somewhere sunny this year, flights to several popular tourist destinations have fallen drastically. This is good news for holidaymakers because they will able to enjoy a more affordable vacation in a place they have always dreamed of.

According to price comparison site,, Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean Sea is the 5th most searched destination in their site. The average flight price to Ibiza has dropped by a third allowing you savings of £56.

If you are planning to travel to Faro in Portugal, flight prices have dropped by 20%. In Alicante and Majorca, Spain, flight prices have been reduced by 19%. Majorca is a favorite holiday destination because of its beach resorts and limestone mountains. Alicante is the friendliest city in Spain and heavily influenced by tourism.

Even the prices of long haul flights have also dropped. According to Kayak, the bargain for summer is a flight to Mexico that has dropped by 39%. Compared to the price of flights last year, you will enjoy a saving of £289. Tourism in Mexico has posted new records due to the influx of foreign tourists.

If you are going to Rio, take note that prices have fallen by 23% – worth about £173. If your preference is Singapore in Asia, flights are 20% cheaper than last summer. If you are conscious of you holiday budget, now is as good a time to travel because you can save on flights and accommodations, too.

A suggestion to travelers is to use comparison sites like loveholidays or to gain the best deal. However, if you are feeling particularly adventurous, try “mystery hotel” where you will enjoy a massive discount. You will only know where you will be accommodated close to departure. Another suggestion for those traveling on a limited budget is Airbnb.

One of the favorite destinations of foreign travelers is the Canary Islands. La Gomera is the second smallest island in the Canaries. When you stay at the Gomera apartments, you will enjoy sunshine throughout the year with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius which will allow you a relaxing break from city life.