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Clients’ Requests For Luxuries In Airbnb

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Alex Ormerod is the cofounder of Luxico, which is a rental company that offers luxury properties to clients. He said that no request from the clients is too hard for him. There was a time when the clients do not like the colour of the furniture inside the property thus they have to change them before their stay. They also had a client requesting for specific type of mattress. There are other luxurious requests such as a portable spa like a gazebo spa in Sydney or even a grand piano. Everyone knows it is not easy to book a portable spa.

Luxico is tapping the luxurious part of the tourism sector and they are renting properties in short terms only. The average price for a single night is around $640 with a property located in Melbourne while in Sydney a night’s stay can cost as much as $1,000.

The turnover of the company was at $5.3 million but in 2016 they were able to grow their business by 45 per cent. They were able to meet the rising demand of the clients to have luxurious properties as options as opposed to the ones offered on Airbnb which is currently a huge name on the internet.

Ormerod established the business in 2013 with the help of Thomas Ormerod, her partner in life. It was a necessary business for them after they moved to the Mornington Peninsula and decided to put their property in Melbourne for rent which they considered to be their investment property. It was during this time that they encountered issues in the transactions of both parties. The fact is that many people are looking for more luxurious accommodations and they do not have many options aside from the common serviced apartments.

They started with the properties of their neighbours in Melbourne and it was when they found themselves in the middle of a business opportunity. Luxico is currently utilizing Airbnb as a medium to market the properties on their listing. Ormerod clarified that what they offer is different when looking at the scope of their service such as fulfilling a gazebo spa in Sydney property because it was a special request from a client.

Advantages Of Inpatient Rehab In California

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There are points in life when people stumble. At the end of the day, it does not matter so much if you stumbled, what matters is how you were able to get back on your feet again. One way to pull yourself up is to get into an institution where you can opt to live in or stay out. There are several rehabilitation centers in California but if you want a luxurious and effective rehab process, choose to stay in a center where you can be an inpatient rehab in California. Although you can opt to stay out of the facility, there are more benefits that you can take out of staying in. Here are some of the services and treatment plans that you can take from a reputable rehab center:

Focused care and treatment

One of the advantages of staying inside a facility is that you are provided with holistic approach in treatment with the process administered by reliable physicians and therapists. Holistic treatment approach means that the patient is provided with equal attention to improve his overall condition in terms of spiritual improvement, nutritional, environmental and emotional aspects to arrive at an overall development and ultimately, eliminate the bad habit from the patient’s system. By being an inpatient rehab in California, you will be given personalized treatment according to your rehabilitation requirements.

Comfortable amenities

Most people think that rehabilitation centers are like hospitals or even prison cells. This might be true for some facilities but there are treatment hubs where inpatients are offered with catered gourmet dishes, private suites and luxurious rooms with concierge and room service, you wouldn’t feel like you are actually in a rehabilitation center. You can also find exercise programs with high-end physical fitness facilities, aromatherapy and acupuncture sessions and yoga classeswhich makes the rehabilitation center more of a spa than a treatment hub.

Elite recreation facilities

Another advantage of choosing to stay as an inpatient rehab in California is you can enjoy luxurious recreational facilities that are suited for celebrities and A-listers. Choose a rehab center that offers horseback riding and large swimming pools as part of their recreational facilities.

Experts Calling For The Regulation Of Health And Safety

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The government has been busy cracking down red tape but after the fire incident in one of the towers in London, over 700 organizations have signed a petition letter that is demanding the Prime Minister to stop such acts.

The letter was given to the officials of Downing Street last June 21 contains their plea to put an end to deregulation of the health and safety. It was previously imposed to enact the “one in, three out” method they are using to lessen the businesses’ burden when it comes to legislative requirements. Experts such as the Canterbury health and safety consultants are also in agreement with the letter’s plea.

The letter came after the fire that occurred at the Grenfell Tower at the beginning of this month. Many people are claiming that this incident should not have happened if the Government was not focused on their attempts to lessen red tape. This method results to some of the laws under health and safety being dismantled in the process.

The letter was composed by a number of international professionals in the field of health and safety, top academics as well as a number of MPs. It says that it has been several years since the attempt of the ministers and those in the office to stop the current regulations over important matters including health and safety because of principle.

Arbitrary rules were put in place in order for the deregulation of the health and safety to be enacted. One requirement is to remove two regulations from the health and safety law. The newly adopted one calls for three regulations to be removed.

The letter also said that the health and safety regulations are a requirement after full consultation has been done proving that these are good, has the proper evidence and is proportion to the aim of saving lives as well as protecting the health and wellbeing of the citizens. These regulations should not be deemed as burdens on the part of the businesses as they are imposed to make sure the public is protected from any identifiable danger. The Canterbury health and safety consultants are in agreement with the contents of the letter and are hoping the issue can be used as a proof that their country should also put health and safety above all.

Rise Of Eating Disorders Among Children: Alarming To Eating Disorder Phycologist In Melbourne

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Food is love to begin with. No doubt about that. Everyone loves to eat and every human being living right now needs to eat. We need to eat to stay healthy. We need to eat to stay alive to begin with. Our children need to eat so that their growth won’t be interrupted in any way possible. But what happens if your children begin to restrict themselves when it comes to food? Or worse, what happens if they continue eating more than what they usually eat on a daily rate? Chances are, your children will suffer from various eating disorders such as Orthorexia which is the unhealthy obsession towards healthy food and, Drunkorexia which is the engagement of someone towards excessive diet-related behaviours that can affect our bodies very negatively. Now, a proper way deal with such eating disorders is to consult an accredited eating disorder psychologist in Melbourne and in other cities because an eating disorder phycologist has the knowledge and methods to help patients deal with these problematic disorders.  And, they are the ones who can help children who are suffering from the said disorders because one look at the patient and they already know how they are going to help the patient either by therapy sessions or some medications to put back the diet of the patient to normal.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, it was rare back then to hear children having one of those eating disorders. However, a study which was conducted, has shown an increase in the number of children under the age of 12 who have been hospitalized due eating disorders. According to the study, the number alarmingly rose by 119% from years 1999 to 2006. There are no recent data available as of the moment but if you are to believe the experts, specifically an eating disorder psychologist in Melbourne,  the problem with suffering from eating disorders isn’t going away any time soon but experts are now saying that there are ways to prevent these disorders. A regular visit to a licensed eating disorder psychologist in Melbourne or anywhere in the world will help parents and patients alike in terms of having viable options as to how they will deal with the said problems.

Poor Eyesight Can Affect Students Grades

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Mrs. Michelle Clarke is a stay-at-home mother residing in Singapore. She has a daughter named Zoe who is only seven years old. She noticed that her daughter was having problems with her schoolwork, so she decided to book an appointment for an eye check-up. It turns out that her child has an eye problem. Parents reading this should schedule an exam with an optometrist in Kirrawee to save their kids from the save problem.

She shared how her daughter is below average in her classes and she is struggling when it comes to reading and writing. She is having troubles identifying the difference between b and d. Zoe is not interested in learning at all.

Zoe’s teachers told her that she would squint very often in class and they think that she might be suffering from an eye problem thus affecting her studies as well.

It was then tackled in the discussion that eye problems could lead to poor grades and learning disorders including attention deficit disorder and dyslexia.

You might be wondering how poor vision can be the cause of a child’s low grade. It affects a lot of areas in learning since vision and learning goes hand in hand.

According to a senior consultant optometrist, Mr. Yap Tiong Peng, it is important for kids to reach their maximum potential when it comes to learning and it can only be done with good vision. Mr. Peng was trained in Igard Group Singapore specializing in behavioural optometry. He has 18 years of experience when it comes to clinic and research.

Behavioral optometrists are the ones responsible in studying the relationship between the function of the eyes and the brain as visual information are being processed. This is when they see if the development in the children is being affected.

Mr. Yap clarified that almost half of children who are having problems when it comes to school related activities such as reading and writing were found out to have problems with their visions. This is why it is important for children around the world including Australia to see an optometrist in Kirrawee or wherever they may be.

Recent Development In Organic Rehab Treatment

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Rehab treatments are usually the answer to recovery for addicts. They have the option to avail either an outpatient program or an inpatient treatment. Outpatient ones will not require them to stay in a residence while inpatient treatments are in-house. The inpatient rehab has treatment programs designed solely based on their needs to treat their addiction. They can either choose the basic standard rehab center or the more expensive kind of rehab.

Luxury rehab offers more treatments to their patients. They provide a holistic approach to healing and recovery making use of both traditional regimens and alternative treatments. Part of the recovery process is the detoxification process that is being done with prescribed medicines is the detoxication process.

In October of 2016, a new luxury rehab center was opened in Los Angeles, California. Peace By Piece Treatment Center introduced a recent development of an alternative organic treatment that is used for the detoxification process in treating the addiction. They created the treatment to focus on restoring the affected important body organs to gain back the body’s healthy balance and to lessen the use of medicines. They target the digestive system to be able to revive the good bacteria and probiotics that the body needs. They also aim to make the patients understand that a healthy digestive system is important to the body. This is what they have called as their “from their inside out” organic approach to wellness.

The patients also are doing their gardening, learning to grow, tend, harvest, and process the fruits and vegetables that they have grown organically. With this process, they are able to understand how these antioxidants and phytochemicals work to give them more energy and a balanced body. The luxury rehab center has their own menu of juices making use of the fruits and vegetables from their gardens.

A patient is required to stay in the luxury rehab for a minimum period of 30 days where a holistic treatment to curb the addiction is provided by the highly trained and certified staff. The feeling of family is evident while staying in this facility even while the intensive traditional and alternative therapies are being done with equal priority.

This luxury rehab facility is exclusive, catering to at most six (6) patients at a time where attention to their patients is provided with great quality.