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There Are Fewer Landlords In UK That Are Putting Up Rents

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For the first time in 2015, the number of lettings agents that are seeing rent hikes for the tenants decreased from last month. There were just 33 percent of the landlords that were putting up rents last August according to the survey conducted. Data gathered from the Private Rental Sector report coming from the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) shows that the rental has dropped from about 37 percent last month and is the lowest since April of this year.

This is not a universal trend however and tenants situated in the South West are not anymore benefitting with 42 percent of agents within the region that are continuously seeing the rent prices increase by about 4 percent last month. This figure is compared to only 12 percent of the agents in the North West region where it witnesses an increase in rent. In Wales, the tenants are facing a difficult time too. The number of landlords in the area putting rents up for their respective tenants increased threefold from four months ago. This month though 36 percent of the letting agents who are in Wales saw the increase up 25 percent from July as just 11 percent of the agents reported the increase in rent prices.

The report also showed that after there was a spike in the number of houses that were available for rental last month, the supply in the market has consequently fallen down to levels which were last seen in June this year. ARLA letting agents were able to manage an average of about 178 properties in every branch last August as opposed to 189 the previous month.The report also found out that the number of house hunters in the sector of rentals increased marginally last August. The letting agents’ registers an average of about 36 prospective tenants that were registered in every branch compared to last July with about 34.

The property sector has continued to strengthen and along with these, other businesses or companies like the Crisp Contracts Limited are also doing well in the business of providing suspended ceilings in UK.


No Progress In The Prices Of Homes In Dublin

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Though there is no shortage of when it comes to quality home builder in Dublin, the problem lies in the house prices which has failed to recover and is said to be taking a breather. The prices are quite low especially in non-urban places. The data is revealed by the top Irish developer, Abbey.

According to Charles Gallagher, the executive chairman of Abbey, despite the fact that there is a small shortage when it comes to the housing supply, the case is not obvious since the price of the properties continue to be in the low.

Gallagher pointed out that their company does not reach Galway and Cork but the situation only applies in Dublin where the condition is very obvious.

In case of houses that are outside the commuter belt, the prices are still at its lowest levels. Though Dublin prices have greatly recovered in the past few years, it seems to have paused especially for this particular year.

There are many reports of residents complaining regarding the world crisis and it has affected the housing market which proves that may people are finding it hard to get houses that are within their budgets.

Though Gallagher considered this as a normal condition and something that the Government should be paying attention too, the properties that are not included in the Dublin area are now experiencing very depressed prices. Though there are vacant properties, the measure of shortage is very acute and is only worse in some urban areas. He also expressed the need for the building rates to go higher.

Gallagher believes that in order to help in the economy’s growth, the country must increase the building rates and should be worked on by both parties involved. Another important issue that should be given attention is the cost of building which should be lowered in order to offer people a more affordable housing option. This is more important now that there is a limit set to the mortgage and the amount the certain people could borrow. Financing for the mortgage should also be made available in order to help as the bank recovers very slowly.

Hatch Warren Infant School Playground Vandalized By Hoodie Gang

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Hoodies have been a part of human lives ever since the old ages. As the human way of life evolves, so will hoodies. The ways hoodies are used have greatly evolved in the past centuries. In this modern age, hoodies are used by people because it is fashionable and would make the wearer look good. Designs have also changed tremendously. Although plain is still the domineering style of hoodies, they can also be printed with many patterns or images of famous personalities or TV shows like My Little Pony. But there is one thing about hoodies that hasn’t changed. They are still a good way to conceal one’s face.

Sadly, the concealing ability of the hoodie has been greatly abused by people with bad intentions like in the case with Hatch Warren Infant School in Basingstoke. The school was plagued by a gang of youths who have not only intimidated the school staff but had also vandalized school property.

When the staff and the pupils returned to Hatch Warren Infant School after the Easter holidays, they were all devastated to find out that the shed that had contained all of the toys have been broken into. Not only that; all the toys were strewn all over the playground.

According to the school head teacher, the gang also comes back after the school hours to intimidate school staff.

A member of the staff was also racially and verbally abused by one member of the gang who was described as wearing a hoodie and is about 14 to 18 years old.
According to them, it is not the first time that their school was targeted by vandals. Last year, about ₤2000 worth of damage were caused to the same playground.

They were also taunting the staff, always looking for trouble but when the police would come, they would run away. Last Friday, the taunting had become so intense that the gang had even brought sticks and batons.

Parents who lived close to the school were notified about the situation and were asked to report any trespasses in order to catch the gang.

Selectmen Not On A Unanimous Decision Regarding Pipeline Survey

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A proposition for a pipeline, meant for natural gas, was made by Kinder Morgan and the Winchester selectmen have voted against it. The town property will not be surveyed despite the different views of the member of the group.

According to a letter sent to Kinder Morgan, the voting result came at 3-2 which means they will not be given permission in surveying properties that is rightfully owned by the town.

The three who favored the motion were Chairman Roberta A. Fraser, members Jack Marsh Jr. and Ken Berthiaume. Those who were against it are Theresa G. Sepe and Herbert Stephens.

The meeting was held along with the 25 attendees, almost all of whom are there to make give their view and influence the selectmen against the proposed project.

The school board chairman Rick Horton was there to say that the community needs leaders and the residents are waiting for them to decide and make sure they act based on what they have decided upon.

The voting was done after the outpouring of protests received from the residents as well as three articles for a petition to urge the officials to make a stand as opposition on the proposal of Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. LL. The company is under Kinder Morgan and they are planning on constructing a pipeline that will be used for natural gas.

The three petitions filed by residents are to oppose against the companies aim in performing surveys on properties owned by the town, to make sure the project is never approved since it violates the town’s mission in making sure all drinking water, streams, aquifers and wetlands are protected and disapproval to the project because of its violation when it comes to property rights of every residents.

The proposed pipeline is going to be a medium for the natural gas that will be flowing out from the Pennsylvania gas fields to New York, some parts of Massachusetts in the north and New Hampshire in the south. It will then arrive to its final destination which is eastern Massachusetts where considered as a distribution hub.

The World’s Happiest Nations

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With all of the evil lurking in this world and the negativities that we watch on the news every day, it is a breath of fresh air to hear news about happy people in the face of our planet.

The United Nations declared March 20 to be the International Day of Happiness. This celebration recognized that happiness is one of the primary goals in every individual’s life.

According to the World Happiness Report, most of the happiest countries are located in the Scandinavian region. The ranking for the world’s happiest countries is based on the following: social support, life expectancy report, gross domestic product per capita, generosity, low perception on corruption and freedom in making choices in life. Here is the list of the top ten happiest countries in the world.

1. Denmark
Denmark grabbed the first place as the happiest country in the world. Iconic places to visit in Denmark which will surely make you happy are the Tivoli Gardens and the King’s Garden at Rosenborg Castle. These are popular picnic spots for the locals especially during summertime.

2. Norway
The Norweigan warm smile brings the country to the second spot. The country offers scenic views and mountaineering experience for the adventurous people.

3. Switzerland
Skiers will delight in the landscape of Switzerland with its ski slope regions in the town of Zermatt. Hikers will also be treated to mountain trekking in the renowned Matterhorn.

4. Netherlands
The spring season in Holland turns the iconic tulip into bloom. Visitors from around the globe visit the happy country to see the various varieties of flowers in this blessed nation.

5. Sweden
Get lost and explore the medieval city in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan. And then take a walk through the first urban park in the world, the city’s Royal National Park.

6. Canada
When in Canada, explore the Islands of the People, the home of the Haidas. The rich culture and landscape of Canada will leave you wanting for more.

7. Finland
Get excited to see the Northern Lights in your trip to Finland while enjoying the view from an igloo.

8. Austria
Vienna’s famed Musikverein’s Golden hall will bring sweet music to your ears with a combination of chocolate Sacher torte, your trip will be a mouth watering experience.

9. Iceland
Take a dip at the country’s Blue Lagoon and then head for an adventure to Snafellsjokull National park and be awed with the views of breath taking glaciers and mountain tops.

10. Australia
Wrapping up the tenth spot is Australia. The Australian waters hold the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Great Barrier Reef. This is a must see 344,400 kilometer stretch of coral reefs teeming with marine life.