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Reforms In The Educational System To Align With Thailand 4.0 Initiative

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The presence of Thailand international school in the Kingdom is an indication that the country is moving forward in terms of providing different educational options for children. When parents are given the opportunity to make choices, it means that the government is supportive of their aspirations to provide their children with high quality education.

An announcement made by the Ministry of Education (MoE) highlights the plans of combining the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) with the Office of Higher Education (OHEC) to form a new Research and Higher Education Ministry. The merger between the current MOST and OHEC is being considered by Thailand in order to achieve the objectives of Thailand 4.0 initiative.

According to Dr. Suvit Maesincee, the Minister of Science and Technology, the merger between the two agencies could be completed at the end of the government’s term; however, the process may take longer because of the required public hearings.

Dr. Suvit further shared that the responsibilities of the new Research and Higher Education Ministry will include unification of all research universities as well as related institutes to produce and manage human resources. This is in response the country’s development programs that will support technology start-ups and SME’s in leveraging new technologies.

The new ministry will also be responsible in providing assistance to Thai farmers so that they can be “smart” farmers using new technologies. Providing manpower and promoting technology are the crucial factors that will ensure the success of S-Curve industries.

Contrary to the rumours floating around, MOST will not be dissolved. Instead, it will be merged with OHEC and other agencies like the National Research Council of Thailand and Thailand Research Fund. Reorganization of agencies is part of the reform agenda of the government for the next 20 years and Thailand 4.0 initiative. More focus and attention will directed towards higher education institutes to ensure they are aligned with Thailand 4.0.

In preparation for higher learning, Thailand international school encourages young students to pursue their passions and interests. The students are provided with the right facilities including a spacious campus and highly skilled teachers to ensure that they are academically prepared for the future.

How To Have An Exciting Team Building In Australia

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One of the goals of team building activity is for the organization to have fun, revisit corporate goals and to strengthen internal relationships. For a more enjoyable team building in Australia, here are some ideas that you can refer to.

Gather ideas on the internet

You can conduct the activity on your own or with the help of teammates especially if you only have a small team. All you have to do is search on the internet for exciting and effective team building activities that you can use for your team. Your team members can do the facilitation of some segments or you can assign a particular unit to handle a certain game. This way, you get to save money on professional fees. Search on the internet for ideas or you can also watch videos on how team building in Australia are conducted. For low budget activities, choose games that require less props and materials. Always consider the size of your venue when conceptualizing activities.

Hire expert facilitators

If your organization is medium to large, hire a professional facilitator for your team bonding. Large groups should be handled by the experts as it can be challenging to facilitate activities if you do not have the right training for it.There are a lot of expert team building facilitators on the internet and some of them offers venue for those who want a more conducive team building experience. Check the website of the service provider to find out what services are offeredby the company. Make it a point to read testimonials and feedback of other customers. To get more information, call the team of professional facilitators to find out how they can help you with your team bonding needs.

Book ahead

If you have already gathered the right information regarding the service provider, you can start doing the preparations for your activity. For a worry-free team building in Australia, book your reservations in advance. Such professionals can be in demand and you need to book them ahead in order to ensure that you will have their services on the day that you need them.

Survey Shows Scholarship Awarded Mostly To Democrat And Liberal Students

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According to Madeleine Albright, Secretary of the State, on a discussion regarding the federal program that offers the Truman Scholarship, she envisions that the future elected representatives, Cabinet members, non-profit directors and even the next president of the country will be coming from the pool of students that were given the scholarships.

If we are to study the survey that was conducted regarding the awardees in the last two years then we will be able to deduce that the leaders of tomorrow is most likely going to be a Democrat.

The College Fix gathered data for the 2015 and 2016 involving Truman scholars who have been active in their political advocacies either in a liberal organization or a Democrat group. The analysis was made after the latest announcement of the new recipients of the Truman Scholarship for 2017.

Scholarship recipients are coming from college juniors and they are given $30,000 worth of scholarship money to fund their graduate school. Along with the scholarship grant is an agreement that they will be serving the public for three years within the first seven years that they have accomplished their diploma in graduate studies.

Around 35 per cent of the scholars are considered to be doing liberal works. There are over 40 students out of the total 112 scholars, that were granted the scholarship in 2015 and 2106, who are tied to either liberal groups or Democratic politicians. Not a handful of the remaining scholars are affiliated with either conservative or Republican groups.

There are around 26 recipients in the 2015 Truman Scholars that are found to have served politicians and administrations that are Democratic, organizations that are leaning towards the liberal group or they were a part of the College Democrats before the awarding and even after the Truman Scholarship have been awarded. The Fix was only able to count two recipients who are connected in conservative or Republican groups based on their resume.

Don’t worry if you think you are not qualified for this scholarship as there are many others out there such as the Scholarships for Blue Eyes which is intended for students who have blue eyes.

The Importance Of Elementary School Chairs To Learning

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One of the roles of school administrators and teachers is to ensure that their students are comfortable and they have a healthy learning environment through ergonomic elementary school chairs and other classroom features that promote academic interest and performance. According to a study, students spend 78% of their time in school sitting down so the type of chairs they sit in will largely affect their posture and energy in class.

Elementary students, especially those at earlier grades, are made to sit and concentrate for longer hours in school. With children’s short attention span and countless distractions around them, children tend to fidget and become restless while inside the classroom. However, based on studies, children who use comfortable chairs display longer attention span and heightened interest in learning. School children also concentrate better in school with comfortable elementary school chairs.

Apart from better concentration, young children who use healthier school chairs are less likely to experience body pains that are often experienced in cheap school chairs. Cheaper chairs provide minimal body support without adjustable features for children who may be oversized or undersized for their age. Low quality chairs can also collapse at any point making it hazardous for children to use.

You can find different types of school chairs over the internet and even in your local furniture makers. Each of these chairs has their own features and qualities but the most suitable for elementary students and young children are those made of high quality and sturdy plastic. Plastic chairs are more comfortable and softer than their wooden counterparts. Plastic chairs are also easier to clean and can be washed without its quality and colour being affected. Another advantage of plastic elementary chairs are more affordable compared to wooden chairs and they are also proven to last longer. Plastic chairs are also less prone to breakage making them safer for young students. You can find elementary school chairs in different colours making the school environment even more fun and comfortable to be at. A fun and friendly environment encourages children to do more in class.

South Schools Start E-Learning Days

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Snow days, as many generations of children refer to them, will no longer exist at South Montgomery schools.

Adoption of an e-learning policy

The school district already started an e-learning policy which is designed to have students work from home during bad weather days when school is canceled.

The students do not have to right away give up the snow days. Currently, e-learning is just done during make-up days, which are incorporated to the school calendar every year.

South Montgomery is part of the numerous schools and school corporations this year currently benefiting from the state’s “digital” option for the cold weather, as stated by the Indiana Department of Education. Every district’s criteria needs approval from the state.

During the time when instructional time needs making up, the students are just going to stay home and download the assignments to their district supplied iPads.

The teachers will stay in the classrooms for a part of the day in order to answer virtual questions coming from the students, and the rest of the teachers’ day is spent for professional development.

Good Friday, Presidents Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day are some of the planned make-up days. If a class time needs no making up, it will be the day off for students.

The advantages of the e-learning policy

This policy is also advantageous for students that suffer from long-term illnesses, according to Brett Higgins, the director of operations and technology for the district.

He said that they understand that learning is a 24/7 process, and that they want their students to make use of technology for learning to continue in those days.

The policy guidelines were finalized Dec 16th in an administrative staff meeting. The policy will then be cascaded to the parents and guardians.

The schools also did a test run for the policy. The students went to school, and the teachers traded their classrooms.

Kelly Clifton’s 4th graders at the New Market Elementary did reading and mathematics lessons and also some writing. She said that they tried giving them different things like if they had their e-learning days.

The youngsters have used iPads since the first grade, so they know the technology. By next year, students from grades 3 to 12 will use Google Chromebooks.


E-learning is slowly coming to schools, which is why teachers and educators also need to learn more about making tests and resources for their students to take advantage of this learning method.

How Saltwater Ponds Decline Due To The Presence Of Nitrogen

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The Massachusetts Estuaries Project (MEP) has come under fire from the residents of the island town of Tisbury. It is not the first time that the residents are pursuing options to restore Lake Tashmoo and Lagoon Pond that have declined due to nitrogen entering the watershed and causing algae blooms. After dozens of reviews by a national panel composed of engineers, professors and policy makers, the MEP was endorsed as a model.

MEP Director Brian Howes welcomed the criticisms because he believes that the people have a right to do so. On the three public hearings by the Tisbury board of health, some have casted doubt on MEP and presented their calculations and suggested different causes for the presence of nitrogen in the watersheds. A self-described amateur environmentalist, Donald Muckerheide suggested that groundwater has no role in the decline of saltwater ponds. He has suggested mechanical aeration to jump start the growth of plants and microorganisms that would consume excess nitrogen and bottom sediment which he believes resulted from a surface runoff and the effects of acid rain that started 30 years ago.

Three years ago, Muckerheide purchased a device that can be used to restore the health of the island ponds for a fraction of the cost of wastewater solutions. The device called the Toring Turbine had a 5-horsepower motor with a shaft and an 8-inch disc that spins to create negative vacuum and tiny bubbles that aerate the water. Muckerheide also believes that there is still enough oxygen on the island’s ponds but not the surplus required for the support of aerobic microbes and aerobic decomposition. He added that another form of aeration involves pumping water from the bottom or forcing it down from the surface could stir nitrogen in the bottom sediment and result into additional algae blooms. Dredging can be a problem as well because after a few years you are back to facing the same problem.

Pond & Lake Aeration is a technique that has been well developed to successfully clean water systems and turn a lake over to allow for more oxygen that is necessary for the survival of aquatic life. Aside from reducing mosquitoes, aeration also eliminates the foul odor resulting from dissolved gases.