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How To Improve Insurance Sales According To The Experts

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The insurance industry is one of the challenging industries. First, it can be challenging to sell something which is not tangible and one that cannot be used or enjoyed right away. Also, insurance policies is not a priority when it comes to family or personal budget which is why most insurance agents are eager to know how to improve insurance sales knowing that it can be hard to encourage individuals to buy a policy. To effectively increase your insurance sales, here are some ideas from the experts:

Offer incentives and rewards

To encourage policy holders and people in your network to refer potential clients to you, offer rewards or bonuses whether the people they referred would obtain an insurance policy from you or not. This way, the people who recommended potential clients would continue to refer friends to you. The bonus or incentive could be a simple gift check, a small amount of cash or a one-time deduction on their premium and others.

Make use of social media

Most of your prospects have their own social media accounts. Be where your targets are and come up with your own social media account that would specifically cater to your current clients and prospects. Be interactive. engage in insurance and marketing related topics. Make sure to regularly post relevant content on your social media account because this is one to encourage your target and a way on how to improve insurance sales.

Reconnect with old leads

Check your databank for leads or your email contacts and see if you have old leads that you can potentially reconnect with. Send them an email or a newsletter or just give them a call and check if they are interested into getting a policy with you.

Ask referrals from friends

Another effective and proven ways on how to improve insurance sales is by asking for referrals from your family and friends. For sure they know a friend or two who is interested to get an insurance policy and you can just increase your insurance sales out of this.

4 Tips To Hire The Right Company For Business Team Building

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Ideally, it would be best for an organization to engage in a business team building at least once in a year. The discretion to engage in such an important activity lies on the hands of the management. An effective organization is one that is sensitive to the needs of the organization. You can create a team to organize the event or you can hire a team of experts who specialize on team building activities. You can find these professionals on the internet and to find the right team, you can take a look at the following ideas.

Conduct a research

The first step towards hiring professional facilitators for team building is by searching for these experts on the internet. All you have to do is use the right keywords and you will find several companies that offer expertise in your area. Aside from the internet, you may also consider asking your partners in the industry if they know of a company that handles business team building in your locality.

Call the company

Create a shortlist of your most preferred companies and send them an email. A reputable company would generally respond to your communication within 24 hours.

Ask for activity proposal

When you have received a positive response from the facilitators, you will have an idea on which of the companies you contacted are more favourable for you. There are companies that would ask you to fill out an online form for them to determine your activity requirements while there are those that would ask you to leave your contact details so for them to call and discuss with you your team building needs. Be clear with your activity requirements for the companies to provide a suitable activity proposal.

Identify a schedule

The last step would be to finalize your schedule so for you to book your reservations immediately. Set your business team building during weekdays to avoid using up the personal time of your employees. Avoid setting a team building schedule during a business peak season or when certain units are busy.

Broken Engagement – Who Owns The Ring?

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A diamond engagement ring is traditionally a symbol of love but what happens to the ring when the relationship goes south? The true owner of an engagement ring can be a subject of litigation but it seems that even courts are divided on whether the engagement ring can be considered a gift or a symbol of a contract between two parties who want to get married.

Chantal Heide, a dating coach from Ontario believes that the engagement ring belongs to the person who paid for it. A diamond engagement ring is usually given in the hope that there will be a marriage. If there is no engagement, there is no marriage. In the dispute between David Sherrington and Lauren Arbuckle whose relationship ended even before they got married, a Halifax adjudicator ruled that the $19 thousand engagement ring is owned by Lauran Arbuckle.

Sherrington sued his future bride for the ownership of a 3.25 karat engagement ring. Text messages showed that David told Lauren that she can keep the ring but later on, he wanted it back. The couple were supposed to get married in 2016 but decided to postpone the wedding when the costs keep adding up.

According to Heide before deciding on marriage, it is important to discuss money and budget honestly. All the intention must be clear because getting married can be very expensive. In David and Lauren’s case, it was David who wanted to go all out on the wedding but got cold feet when he found out that the costs were escalating.

Since money can be a big stressor for couples, it is important to opt for a wedding that is within the budget. It is difficult for a couple to start their married life with a huge debt just because they wanted to have grand wedding they cannot afford.

If you have decided to marry the girl of your dreams, there are diamond engagement rings in Melbourne within the affordable price range. You can also have your engagement ring customized so that it will be different from all other rings. Remember that the engagement ring is a symbol of your love; make sure to choose the best.

Why Sub floor Ventilation Is Critical When Remodelling The Basement

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When planning the basement project, do not overlook the importance of sub floor ventilation to ensure longevity, comfort and efficiency. Basement remodelling is not the same as the other rooms in the home; it is more complicated because of moist control and energy efficiency.

Many homeowners maximize their living space by turning the basement into a game room, bedroom or music room. Usually, they hire a contractor for the project to make sure that it is done right. When it is time to sell the home, potential buyers will usually look at the quality of the finishing. Even if you spend more on basement remodelling, you can easily recoup more than half of the investment.

In order to overcome several challenges in basement remodelling, it is important to manage in the early stages the issues of moisture control and energy efficiency. If you fail to address these challenges, you will be compromising the longevity and ROI of your basement project. You can end up disappointed with the results and your money, time and efforts will only be wasted.

Finishing the basement requires special attention because the space is below grade meaning that the concrete slab floor sits directly on top of the cool subterranean soil. This situation results into the slabs getting colder by several degrees. During summer, this is not an issue but when winter comes, the HVAC has to work harder to keep the basement warm. The end result will be a basement that requires more energy to keep you comfortable.

Another issue is mould infestation. When the cold concrete slab meets the comparatively warm indoor air, condensation occurs and makes the basement vulnerable to mould infestation. A subfloor will ensure that the basement is comfortable and dry. The combination of an oriented strand board, foam insulation and moisture-resistant film will create a thermal break between the slab and living space and allow moisture to evaporate away.

Professionals can provide sub floor ventilation in Sydney to ensure that your basement is allowed to breathe. The installation of sub floor can be a complicated and challenging process which must only be undertaken by professionals. With a sub floor, you avoid dampness and build-up of moisture which causes mould infestation in your property.

When To Replace Your Office Furniture

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There are so many things that you can get by having a presentable and professional looking office. It boosts your team’s morale and you create a positive impression before your targets. To achieve these benefits, make sure that your office furniture is in excellent and presentable condition. Having reliable office furniture also keeps your employees and your customers safe while using the furniture. To ensure that your furniture is in tiptop shape, replace them every now and then to keep your office’s positive appeal. Here are some indications that your furniture are in need of replacement.

Office restoration or remodelling

If you are remodelling your office landscape, it would be best to purchase a set of office furniture that will complement the overall appearance of the area. It would be best to make your office look professional without neglecting the design and styling aspects.

Signs of furniture wear

Another indication that you need to upgrade your office furniture is when they start showing signs of wear. Furniture generally depreciates in a span of 7 years, more or less. If you notice that your furniture have already discoloured, dented, chipped or are no longer comfortable to use, then you should consider replacing some, if not all of them. Check which of the furniture should be discarded and which of them can still be reupholstered or refinished. You might also want to donate some of your office furniture to charity institutions instead of disposing them for garbage. You can also opt for trading furniture when you purchase new ones to minimize the costs. This will give you the opportunity to save money and at the same time discard your old furniture properly.

Office relocation

Moving to a new office location for expansion or for branch out purposes may require you to purchase a new set of office furniture. Choose a good furniture supplier, whether online or offline, from which you can buy your supplies from. You can opt to purchase second hand furniture if you are working on a budget. You can find second hand furniture suppliers from e-commerce sites.

TGJTA Ready For Fair: To Promote New Line Of Diamond Ring Thailand

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Like it or not, diamond is considered as one of the most expensive and equally, one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world right now. Even during the ancient times, diamonds have been commonly used by royal families around the world as decorative items. Nowadays, diamonds are commonly found in ridiculously expensive jewelleries such aswedding or engagement rings, pendants or necklaces. In the Royal Kingdom of Thailand, the diamond industry, the jewellery industry in general, has been enjoying a significant surge in terms of number of sales in the last few years. In fact, you can now buy a diamond ring Thailand for as low as 9,192 Thai Baht. Or if you’re feeling rich and you want to give something extremely special to your special someone, there’s a diamond ring which will cost you 636,045 Thai Baht. There are other diamond rings which can suit any style and budget. Thailand has been a popular place for jewellery lovers because it has some of the most beautiful and rarest diamond pieces in the world right now and yes, they are extremely expensive.

Just last December 2016, the Thai Gem and Jewellery Traders Association (TGJTA) announced that it will hold the inaugural Thailand Gems and Jewellery Fair 2017 which is already scheduled to take place this coming June 15 to 18, 2017. For starters, TGJTA was first and foremost, established with a unifying aim of supporting and promoting Thailand’s gem and jewellery industry. In fact, during the first 10 months of 2016, Thailand’s jewellery industry landed at 3rd place in terms of export value among all industries in the kingdom which generated 435 billion Thai Baht. In addition to this, TGJTA is also leading various initiatives to promote gems and jewellery sales which the tourism industry in the kingdom has benefiting from because these initiatives have been able produce tourist purchases of gems and jewelleries as souvenirs.

The said fair is said to be bigger and better than the previous editions and according to TGJTA officials, the fair, which will be held at the Challenger 1, IMPACT, Muang Thong Tani in the capital city of Bangkok, will also enable a more exciting and active environment for trading gems and jewellery including diamond ring Thailand.