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Rising Sea Levels Threaten Condo Developments In Miami

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Scientists have not been remiss in giving warnings to condo developers that Miami is one of the cities susceptible to possible damages with the rise in sea levels. However, condo developers do not seem to heed the warning because they continue to build shiny luxury towers in areas that are threatened by rising tides.

A website, EMiami Condos is tracking condo development in Miami to determine which of the buildings are subjected to the highest risks. The site gathers information through the FIU School of Journalism’s “Eyes on the Rise” app. The app is relatively easy to use. You only need to key in your address and it will find out how much of sea-level rise is required to put your home underwater.

A map is divided into 3 color-coded zones with red representing areas that will be threatened by 2-feet of sea level rise, yellow representing 3-feet and blue representing 4-feet. Miami Beach and Key Biscayne are areas where condo buildings are most likely to experience their lobbies underwater if the sea level rises by 2 feet. Edgewater which is Miami’s most booming neighborhood when it comes to condo development has several buildings that will be threatened by waters immediately.

However, the common question is when this will happen? Even scientists do not have an exact timeline. It could be 200 or 2,000 years from now for the sea level to rise. The basis will be how long ice will melt due to global warming. Estimations involve a lot of unknowns.

According to the predictions of 2014 National Climate Assessment, sea levels could rise from about one foot to four feet by 2100 but it left leeway that the rise could be as little as 8 inches or as high as 8 feet. None of the condos in Miami are at risk of being swallowed by the waters right now particularly with the steps undertaken to reduce carbon emissions.

In Thailand, sea view condos in Phuket are very interesting to property investors. From the windows of the condo, you can view the stunning landscape and the sandy beaches and experience the best that the tropical island has to offer.


Florida – The Land Of Flowers, The Sunshine State And The Lightning State Of America

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Many people dream to take a break and travel to Florida. In Spanish, Florida means “the land of flowers”. In the United States, it is the state in the southeastern part of America. To its west is Gulf of Mexico, to its north is Georgia and Alabama, to its east is the Atlantic Ocean, and to its south the Strait of Cuba. It spans two time zones and looks like a panhandle in the maps. Florida is 3rd most populous and 8th of the most densely populated state in America. Its most populous municipality is Jacksonville while its most populous urban is the metropolis of Miami. The capital of Florida is Tallahassee.

Having varying climates of tropical down south and subtropical up north make tourists and adventurers flocking to take a break and travel to Florida. They rarely get snowfall and is therefore dubbed as the “Sunshine State”. Ironically, a part of Florida is also called the “Lightning State”, because it receives more lightning than any part of the US, but that is not the scariest part. If water sprouts are included, Florida has the most tornadoes in the US although the intensity is not as devastating as those in Great Plains or the Midwest. Florida is a peninsula and the only area that borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, giving it the longest coastline of 1,350 miles. It is the longest coastline in the United States. The geographical characteristic of the area makes most of it near or at sea level making it a prime destination for retirees. Another reason for its popularity with retirees is that the cost of living is low. The state is also known for its orange orchards and amusement parks.

Florida is influenced by multiple cultures, albeit most of its expatriate community is Cuban. They offer extensive cuisine due to the multiple culture influences which include European, Hispanic, Latino, Native American, and African American. With the ocean and beaches just at arm’s reach, water sports are very popular. Among others, Florida is also a global icon for a prime destination for lovers of auto racing, tennis, and most of all, golf. The ambiance is also a paradise for lovers of nature and art and where authors love to seek inspiration to write.

The Environment and Paper Bags

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The world today is not the same as it was centuries ago. Man has in some ways abused the planet. For this reason, Mother Nature has also lashed back and brought numerous calamities which claimed the lives of thousands of the human populace. Because of the catastrophes experienced, man has also been repentant and is seeking to appease Mother Nature. There are now several environmental groups formed that promises to protect Earth and preserve its beauty. One way devised by man in order to protect the environment is by recycling and reusing product, especially paper products.

Here are some facts that will educate you as to the efforts made by mankind to help sustain and preserve the environment.

  • Last year, the US wood and forests products stored and captured approximately 13 percent of the carbon dioxide that is emitted by the total fossil fuel consumption in the US.
  • Approximately two thirds of the power that is used when making paper comes from renewable and carbon-neutral sources.

Here are some facts regarding recyclable materials:

  • The recovery rate for the paper bags is fairly four times greater compared to plastic bags.
  • The recovery rate for paper bag and sacks is 49.5 percent which keeps them out of the landfills and then extends the fiber supply. This is according to EPA.
  • Every ton of paper which is recovered for recycling will save about 3.3 cubic yards of the space in a landfill.
  • Last year, about 96 percent of the population in the US had access to paperboard and paper community recycling programs.
  • Last year, about 65 percent of the paper used in the US was recycled.

The paper bags are compostable. They are ideal as container in holding compostable waste. Evidence in its capability to be compostable is its widespread use throughout the US in leaf mulching programs across municipalities. When you recycle Paper Mart paper bags you definitely have contributed in helping your planet survive for the next years to come. It is also a way of preventing natural disasters from striking worse.

The Recent ‘Ugly’ Holiday With And More

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Christmas has once again rolled down one of its most memorable year which was only this 2014. This ‘most’ memorable year has also become one of the ugliest Christmas of all time. This doesn’t mean negatively, as the ugliness are caused by the Ugly Christmas Sweaters brought by various sellers like, Tipsy Elves, Festified and a whole lot more. This trend involves sweaters that are intended to look bad and ‘over-designed’. The last season turned out to be just like how the sellers have wished it to be.

Even before December last year, the companies have already foreseen how the Christmas would turn out to be. They have already put down their guesses or targets as to how much they would earn. The famous predicted that a total of 30,000 sales of their ugly sweaters would come to them. The Tipsy Elves on the other hand, targeted to surpass their $3 Million Sale Record for 2013. The also claimed that they may be looking at thousands of sales to be made.

Those were only predictions they have made and judging by how Christmas ended last year, I believe that they managed to grab their goals, if not surpassed them. They also stated some of their thoughts about their products in some interviews they had.

CEO of Tipsy Elves, Evan Mendelsohn, stated that there are some standards which UCS should follow and that if you want to have an uglier UCS, then embellishments like bells and many more will surely do the trick.

Festified, on the other hand, said that the UCS craze is just like other movements from Hipsters where the flow started at being ‘ugly’ yet unique. The uniqueness turned to coolness that later become mainstream. He also added that it was already famous on other places, but it only got its worldwide appeal on 2013. commented that some of the sweaters are a little too much. Some have bad words while some makes fun of Jesus, Santa and even the reindeers. He also stated that it is still not the peak of the Ugly Christmas Sweaters and we would definitely see more of it.

Green Ribbons Wrapped Around Ash Trees To Warn Against Swarm

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Ribbons had been used for a number of purposes in the past. Primarily, they are used as a decorative material but they can also be used to unite a wide number of people for a single purpose.

But in Lincoln, Nebraska, they are being used to warn the people. All around the city, certain types of trees were wrapped with green ribbons in order to inform the people of the trees that are bound to die after a swarm of emerald ash borer passes through. The emerald ash borer is a type of beetle that is a known foreign U.S. invader that is known to cause the most destructive infestation of U.S. trees.

When people pass by a tree that is wrapped with a green ribbon, then they will know that tree might die because of the swarm that is headed for the city’s location and it is also likely that the swarm could already be in the state of Nebraska.

About 200 ribbons were tied by the city and state staff in Lincoln which also includes the trees of the east campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a project conducted to help people know what an ash tree looks like and the tree loss that the city may suffer after an ash borer attack.

Students from McPhee Elementary School had helped with the placing of ribbons as part of their project. The bands that were put on the trees will remain there until the first week of May to help people not only recognize ash trees but also to help them know if they have one in their yards.

City officials say that is very important to prepare for the coming of the swarm. There are certain things that people can do to avoid the ash borer attack. They could either replace their ash trees with a different species of trees or they could treat their ash trees with insecticides. Although if people should treat their trees, it is best to wait until the swarm is about 15 miles from your location.

Unfortunately though, ash borers are hard to detect until it is already there.

Psychic Sentenced 5 To 15 Years In Federal Prison

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The field of psychic readings and interpretations has always been surrounded with controversy. Through time, many people have sought the help of these people for psychic readings. As the market expands, fraudulent psychics are now everywhere. It is important that you ensure first hand that your psychic is legitimate.

Take the case of Sylvia Mitchell from Manhattan, New York. She is a fortuneteller who was sentenced five to fifteen years of imprisonment after she was convicted before a jury for grand larceny. The Judge that handed down the sentence was Justice Gregory Carro of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan. He acknowledged that the sentence was harsher than that requested by the prosecutor which was only three to nine years. Justice Carro said that New York City was full of con artists. However, he emphasized that Ms Mitchell’s fraudulent act was way graver than other offenders. The suspect lured people who were undergoing dramatic stress in their life with a burden of problem into enticing to help them.

Sylvia Mitchell who was then 39 when the sentence was handed down, wept as she entered the courtroom, handcuffed and looking very haggard after being jailed on Rikers Island for over a month. She glimpsed occasionally on a row of elderly men, most presumably her relatives.

She acknowledged her guilt and told the judge how sorry she was. She said that she wanted to go back to school and study in order to have a new profession and start a new life.

The court ordered the convicted felon to pay at least $110,000 in restitution to the victims. Her lawyer, Kenneth Gribetz said that their camp was prepared to pay with a check coming from an escrow account. The lawyer also planned to appeal the sentence that was handed down. He stated that it was overly harsh, given that the prosecutors offered the suspect a plea deal even before the trial happened which included no jail time. Ms Mitchell did not take the offer.

People are urged to be very careful when consulting the help of psychics to do readings. You do not want to end up as a victim of an elaborate scam.