Car Insurance Claiming Tips

Getting into a car accident can be stressful especially if there were damages incurred against you or your vehicle. In case you encounter an accident that damaged your vehicle, inform your insurance provider such as มิสเตอร์ประกัน, immediately so you would be assisted for settlement during and after the accident. Other insurance claiming tips to observe during and after a vehicular accident include the following.

Get the right information

After the incident, make it a pint to obtain the name of the driver including the passengers, their contact information, driver’s license number and other important details. If the other party refuses to provide vital information, you can just record the plate number of the vehicle or the vehicle registration number and your insurance provider will trace the vehicle owner’s name for proper insurance claims and settlement.

Call your insurance company right away

Make it a point to call your car insurance company immediately so you could be properly assisted with. Usually, a representative of the company will be sent to the accident’s location for damage assessment and documentation. Even if you do not want to claim, you should still inform your insurance company for records purposes.

Present your insurance certificate

On instance where there is an injured person, show your insurance certificate provided by มิสเตอร์ประกัน or your car insurance company to the police. If you cannot present the document at the moment, you can still present the said certificate within 7 days after the accident. Do not forget to take photographs of your damaged vehicle for documentation purposes and also as evidence during the processing of your claims.

Do not repair your car

In order for you to get the necessary insurance benefits from มิสเตอร์ประกัน or from your car insurance provider, do not fix your vehicle. Otherwise, your insurance claim would be forfeited. The insurance agent has to inspect the extent of damage for proper valuation. After the vehicle inspection and assessment, they will inform you if they will cover the repair costs or if there is a need to fully replace your vehicle. The amount will be based on the current market value of your vehicle’s model.