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While looking at the view of Montana plains in 2009, Sarah Dusek could not help but dream about Africa. How she would love to see grasses as high as the knee, waterways in winding course, trees in the distance and the open sky above her. Dusek just moved to their new home when she reminisced the time she was able to stay in a safari inside a white tent while in Zimbabwe a decade before that. She was able to enjoy the twilight while drinking wine and watch as nature unfolds. There are zebras and antelopes going about their business in the watering hole.

Dusek said that in a way, Montana resembles the same when it comes to beauty and aesthetic though the wildlife is also abundant but quite different.

After seeing the similarities, the couple Sarah and Jake Dusek decided to launched a safari camp inside their farm in Havre. It is owned by the family and located eight miles from the border of Canada. Though Sarah is a native of England, the husband and wife decided to move there because of their newborn son. They hope that he will be able to enjoy the outdoors as a child just like his father. The couple’s first camp is called Sage Safari and it is considered as one of the first locations in the United States to offer glamorous camping or what is commonly known as glamping. Unlike the tradition setting where campers enjoy weenie roasts and retires in sleeping bags, this version includes canapés while sleeping in sheets with high thread counts.

Nowadays, the Duseks are responsible for the glamour camps located all over the American West. They have well-heeled guests as well as those travelling as a group or families. The couple’s business is officially called Under Canvas with headquarters in Bozeman. Its current annual revenue is $8 million and has between 30 and 150 staffs working all year. Unlike usual camping, people can always request breakfast catering if they desire to do so. This trend might be influencing Australia soon and the businesses responsible for breakfast catering in Sydney are all ready for the new challenge.