Burning Man Shows Of Tree Made Out Of 138,000 LED Lights

Nowadays, the most popular lighting used as a décor is the LED lighting strips and other types of LED lights. In the most recent festival in Black Rock Desert in Nevada that lasted for four days, they showed off their most recent installation – a tree made by human and covered with LED lights. The tree lights have the capacity to change their colours and it is capable of light shows depending on the music as well as the body movement it detects.

Burning Man is quite known because of its emphasis on arts and how to express it. This is the reason why it is the best venue to launch the towering installation. The tree is covered with 138,000 LED lights and they called it Tree of Tenere. The name was derived from an actual tree that used to stand at the region of Tenere found in the Sahara desert. The installation was created through programming that makes it possible to change lights depending on the movement and voice of the artists as well as the biorhythms of those who are present during the festival. The feast started on August 27 and lasted until the 4th of September. It was held in Nevada in the Black Rock desert.

The actual tree where the name was derived used to be utilized as a landmark by people who are travelling in the desert especially during the night. Unfortunately, the tree was stuck by a car driven by a drunken man thus it died in 1973. This event was revealed by Alex Green who is the CEO and at the same time the founder of Symmetry Labs which is responsible for the technical programming of the Tree of Tenere.

The man-made tree is about four stories tall and Zachary Smith is the designer along with artist Mark Slee and creator Patrick Deegan. The tree is currently the most sought art in the desert and it has been posted numerous times on social media platforms.

Installations as grand as the Tree of Tenere are now possible because of LED lighting strips thus homeowners and commercial establishments can also create their own.