Broken Engagement – Who Owns The Ring?

A diamond engagement ring is traditionally a symbol of love but what happens to the ring when the relationship goes south? The true owner of an engagement ring can be a subject of litigation but it seems that even courts are divided on whether the engagement ring can be considered a gift or a symbol of a contract between two parties who want to get married.

Chantal Heide, a dating coach from Ontario believes that the engagement ring belongs to the person who paid for it. A diamond engagement ring is usually given in the hope that there will be a marriage. If there is no engagement, there is no marriage. In the dispute between David Sherrington and Lauren Arbuckle whose relationship ended even before they got married, a Halifax adjudicator ruled that the $19 thousand engagement ring is owned by Lauran Arbuckle.

Sherrington sued his future bride for the ownership of a 3.25 karat engagement ring. Text messages showed that David told Lauren that she can keep the ring but later on, he wanted it back. The couple were supposed to get married in 2016 but decided to postpone the wedding when the costs keep adding up.

According to Heide before deciding on marriage, it is important to discuss money and budget honestly. All the intention must be clear because getting married can be very expensive. In David and Lauren’s case, it was David who wanted to go all out on the wedding but got cold feet when he found out that the costs were escalating.

Since money can be a big stressor for couples, it is important to opt for a wedding that is within the budget. It is difficult for a couple to start their married life with a huge debt just because they wanted to have grand wedding they cannot afford.

If you have decided to marry the girl of your dreams, there are diamond engagement rings in Melbourne within the affordable price range. You can also have your engagement ring customized so that it will be different from all other rings. Remember that the engagement ring is a symbol of your love; make sure to choose the best.