How To Choose Myanmar Hotels

Myanmar is one of the historical countries in Southeast Asia. It is home to countless Buddhist temples, colourful markets and rich, breath-taking parks and lakes. Myanmar may be filled with ancient temples and relics but this beautiful country does not fall short in terms of modernity with ultra-modern Myanmar hotels that are at par with high-end hotels found in advanced cities such as Singapore, Jakarta and Metro Manila in the Philippines. Its largest city Yangon, is teeming with hotels, commercial centres and historical sites. If you are planning to visit Myanmar, one of the first things that you would look for is a place to stay. Here are some of the things that you should look for when looking for a hotel.


Book your reservations in a hotel which is in close proximity with all the things that you could possibly need while in Myanmar. Whether you are in Myanmar for a business meeting or pleasure, make sure that the hotel of your choice is accessible by local transportations and if possible, the hotel should be located at the heart of Yangon.

Hospitality and service

Before you book at any of the Myanmar hotels, read customer reviews and check the hotel’s ratings both by customers and by independent hotel reviewing sites such as TripAdvisor. Find a hotel where you will feel at home even if you are miles away from where your home and family is.

Hotel amenities

Another consideration in choosing a hotel in Myanmar is the amenities found therein. The amenities are important especially if you are planning to stay at the hotel for a week or more. There are hotel accommodations that come with fully equipped kitchen, dining and lounge areas. It would also be best if the hotel has Wi-Fi accessibility and all the comforts that a hotel can possibly offer.

Accommodation rates

Myanmar hotels do not have to be excessively priced. Look for a hotel that offers reasonable rates or one that is commensurate to the comforts and services that they can offer. Check for packages and hotel deals to lower your hotel expenses.