Big Changes In Missouri Tax System Urged By State Republican

A tax proposal was passed by Senate Republicans in the United States and they are busy just finalizing the last details. On the other hand, a GOP Senator from Missouri is also planning to make big changes on the state by changing the entire tax code. This will have an effect on application of Tax ID in MO as locals would either be encouraged or discouraged.

Bill Eigel who is a freshman lawmaker coming from Weldon Spring is proposing that the tax of the state should be cut by $1.2 billion that is usually funneled to a General Revenue fund that reaches $9.4 billion.

According to the MERA or Missouri Economic Relief Act he is passing, changes will start by removing the bottom four brackets that is listed under the income tax code. As of the moment, there are 11 brackets in Missouri and the bottom four consists of taxable salary that is below $4,000.

Majority of the residents in Missouri are classified in the top bracket which includes individuals with an income of more than $9,000. This amount is actually over $3,000 below the minimum poverty level indicated by the federal government which is set at $12,060.

Eigel said that the proposal to remove the bottom four on the bracket is mainly a symbolic act but he added that people with very low incomes will be able to benefit from it in the end.

He explained that it should not be looked down given the fact that the state is only earning $90 from the four bottom brackets but the annual $90 savings should be viewed as a big help to a struggling household in Missouri.

The biggest change in the proposed tax reform by Eigel is that the income tax in Missouri will be reduced to 4.8 per cent from the current 5.9 per cent. His proposal is more ambitious compared to the last law in 2015 that reduced the tax rate from 6 per cent down to 5.9 per cent. Nonetheless, many are encouraged to apply for a Tax ID in MO because they recognize its benefits.