BBB Advice For Safety In Your Online Buy/Sell Transactions

Ecommerce is the fastest growing retail sector in Europe. Sales are expected to grow from £132.05 billion in 2014 to £156.67 billion in 2015 which is welcome news for online sites like TV Store online. In 2015, overall online sales are expected to grow by 18.4% but a much larger total is expected from the US. In the US, online sales are expected to grow from $306.85 billion in 2014 to $349.20 billion in 2015.

However, Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Minnesota and North Dakota is reminding people to take extra caution with buying and selling online for their personal safety. The following are just a few of the basic tips to keep in mind.

• Make an effort to deal with local buyers and sellers
• Avoid wiring funds
• Don’t just give away any personal or financial information
• Do not accept money orders or cashier’s checks because they are very easy to forge. If you try to encash a fraudulent check with the bank, you will be held responsible once it discovers the fraud.
• Apartment and home rentals need to be properly checked before any money changes hands
• If you are selling high value items, always consider the risks. Is it worth it?
The following are the signs that you are dealing with someone who is using craigslist for fraud.
• The buyer or seller is usually from another country
• The buyer or seller will not personally meet with you but insists on communication through emails
• The buyer offers to overpay for the products or services but makes a request for the extra funds to be wired to him/her or a third party.

In order to ensure that a business transaction runs smoothly, make sure that you set up meetings during the day in a public place. If you have safety concerns, bring along a friend or a relative. Always trust your instincts if the seller insists that you go to his house or apartment. Check around in your area if there are businesses that act as broker for online stores to ensure your safety. Always prioritize your safety above everything else.