Australia Dengue Fever Cases Reached 20-Year High

Last year, the dengue fever cases in the country of Australia already hit its 20-year high. This was driven by the travelers that were infected in tropical destinations like Bali and brought back the virus with them.

Numerous cases of dengue fever

As indicated in the data from the federal Health Department, there were greater than 2000 cases from the mosquito-borne disease which was confirmed last year in Australia.

Cameron Webb, a mosquito expert from the University of Sydney mentioned that dengue fever cases increased around the world, and the travelers brought back the disease in the country. However, he added, when a person brought back dengue fever, he or she is not likely to pass it on since most of the local mosquito species are not able to transmit this disease.

Microbiology professor from the Peter Doherty Institute Cameron Simmons mentioned that dengue fever is endemic or persistently being transmitted all over most of the countries in south-east Asia and western Pacific, the famous destinations for the Australian travelers.

He mentioned that dengue is a global problem for already 20 years, with the last decade seeing an epidemic spread of this virus in a lot of neighbouring countries of Australia. So, the likelihood of the travelers getting infected is also growing, according to him.

However, he indicated that the growing number of these cases in Australia may also be due to more doctors doing tests which checked if returned travelers have been infected with the virus.

Dr Simmons mentioned that it takes anywhere between 3 – 10 days for the disease to incubate, and it leads to flu-like symptoms which last for 7 days.

Each year, there is an estimate of 390 million people getting infected.

According to Dr Simmons, the disease does not happen again after the first time, but if someone gets infected for the second time due to another mosquito bite, the risk from possible deadly complications like internal bleeding increases greatly.


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