Assertiveness Training In Sydney Can Be Useful In Workplace

Assertiveness is, if you will look the meaning of the word in the dictionary, a noun that refers to a confident and forceful behaviour. It’s a behaviour that makes one being able to persuade something without being aggressive. It’s a learnable skill as well as a mode of communication that is useful especially for workers regardless of what industry they belong. Since the second half of the 20th Century, this specific skill was made to be taught single-handedly by experts in personal development, behaviour therapists- specific cognitive behaviour therapists. In most cases, being assertive is being linked to having self-esteem. Now, assertive can be useful especially when you are a regular employee at a big corporation because being assertive while at work means you have the confidence to do something that you is think is right, that you think it will benefit the company in many ways, that you can do something not just for yourself but also, for the betterment of the majority. Now, if you are a responsible employer at a big corporation especially in the IT industry, then it’s recommended that you and your company allow your hard-working employees to undertake an appropriate assertiveness training in Sydney to furthermore boost the confidence level of your employees.


In a recent interview with Laura Lynch of CBC, CBC Workforce Columnist Jennifer Newman shared a few defence mechanisms that employees can use when they are in trouble due to various cases such as having co-workers or even superiors who have the tendency to throw a tantrum as if they are the Incredible Hulk. When faced with such scenarios when your boss is mad at you, Ms. Newman explained that the best way out of this scenario is to face that individual, still with utmost respect especially if he’s a high-ranking official in the company, explain to him the real cause of the problems or issues at hand then, talk among yourselves how you are going to prevent having the same problems in the future. In addition to this, it’s helpful- according to Ms. Newman, if you undertake assertiveness training in Sydney because it serves as another way to help your staff learn such defence procedure and eventually, exercise it.