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It is our goal at Timberline Spirits News to provide interesting stories to people who have the desire to improve their knowledge. One of the techniques towards self improvement is to read about other people and how they behave and react when faced with different situations. People have different traits; they also have different characters and when you read about them, you visualize how they would react if faced with the same circumstances you are into right now. You learn and you benefit from their experiences. It is for this purpose that Timberline Spirits News is sharing some of the awe inspiring stories of people from different places and how they managed the challenges in their life.

Knowledge is power and it can be achieved through reading. Make our articles at Timberline Spirits News a part of your reading repertoire. Through our stories you will learn about the behavior of people from a different culture. It will give your better understanding why these people behave differently. The knowledge that you gain will help you think and behave positively.

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Cecil B Gilbert