8-Year Old Tourist Finds Loaded Glock In Capitol Hill Bathrooms

Normally, what you can find inside a bathroom, whether it is a public bathroom or a residential one, are amenities that came from Bathrooms and More Store but just recently, an 8-year old tourist found a loaded Glock inside a bathroom at Capitol Hill. The main purpose of bathrooms is to provide comfort to various people every time their natural bodily processes demand them for a release. It is also mostly used for personal hygiene. But in this case, the bathroom was used for something else, something very dangerous.

In the last few months, the police at Capitol Hill have recorded at least three cases wherein their officers have mistakenly left their loaded guns in the bathroom. According to the media, two of the reported missing guns were discovered office of the Capitol complex itself. One was accidentally left at one of the bathrooms at the Capitol Visitors Center and was found wedged into a toilet seat cover dispenser. The other one was found and picked up by an 8-year old kid who was touring the office of Speaker John Boehner along with his parents.
The third Glock on the other hand was found lying publicly or in the open at the Capitol Police HQ.

The alarming part of this story is how an 8-year old kid was the one to discover the gun. Accidents do happen and most of the time they are inevitable but this case is truly dangerous since the gun was loaded and a kid was the one who found it. Who knew what would have happened if the kid wasn’t mature enough to handle such a situation. What would’ve happened if he played with the gun? He could have hurt or killed himself and worse, he could’ve hurt others along with him.

People should also consider the situation in which an adult found the gun and kept it for himself. There is no telling what it might have been used for.

The sad part is that these are only three of the cases that were reported by the police and that there could’ve been more.