3 Tips For Budget-Friendly Promotional Merchandise

Some of the promotional merchandise offered by suppliers can be costly. This is true especially if you intend to give away customized promo items to your high valued customers. One of the things that you should keep in mind is that promo items are part of your expenses and they are not an investment where there would be a return. If you are not comfortable about spending a good amount of money for your branding, you can take a look at the following suggestions on how you can minimize your promotional expenses. Here are some ideas:

Request for quotations

Giving away promo items may require you to order high volume of products in order to reach more prospects. There are suppliers that require you to pay for the printing aside from the items. You also have to pay for the shipping if it doesn’t come for free. In a nutshell, this could look like it would entail a huge budget. To minimize the cost and for you to compare rates, ask for cost estimates from different suppliers. This way, you will know where you can order the promotional merchandise at a budget-friendly amount. Choose a supplier that offers free delivery option.

Order more items

Most suppliers offer huge discounts for customer who orders higher product quantities. They even proactively offer promos and deals to encourage their customers to order more. They may offer packages and combos which allows you to lower your expenses with more items that you buy. If you want to reach more customers with less cost, go for cheaper promo items such as key pens,key holders, coasters and lanyards. Such items are cheap but they can go a long way in terms of promoting your brand effectively.

Choose a supplier with better deals

To reduce your expenses on promotional merchandise, search for a supplier that offers customer-friendly deals such free shipping then order from them. This deal would not only reduce the costs, the entire buying process would be convenient. Choose a supplier that offers money back guarantee or warranty for the items you ordered to protect your money.