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5 Major Usages Of Aluminium Extruded Products

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The major function of aluminium extrusion is to convert aluminium alloy into several types of products that are used in different industries. Some of the main industries that use aluminium extruded are the construction and industrial industries including electronics, bridge decking, aerospace, mass transit or public transport, solar or renewable energy industries, home technologies, telecommunications and practically every other industry in this modern world. Here are some of the specific uses of aluminium extrusion.

  • Aluminium extruded are widely used in heating and cooling devises of computers, audio/visual systems, nuclear reactors, electronics, pharmaceutical thawing units, condenser tubes, automobile radiators and air conditioning and heating systems.
  • Extruded aluminium is also used in the transportation industry. The material is used in manufacturingcar chassis, transmission housings, panels, engine blocks, roof rails, trucks, aircraft, subway cars, boats and also in developing major components of spacecraft. The demand for aluminium extruded has also increased in the production of modern automobiles and light-weight cars.
  • Aluminium is also used in military applications and in the mining industry. The material is highly preferred because it is resistant to rust and corrosion and does not require additional treatment to keep its natural lustre. This astounding feature is due to thethin, protective film made of aluminium oxide that covers the aluminium’s surface.
  • Because aluminium extrusionis not magnetic, it is functional in housing coaxial cables and wires. The material is also used in high-voltage applications.
  • Aluminium products are also utilised in the construction industry because it is resistant to distortion despite of bad weather or movements in the building. Despite of heavy load, aluminium materials remain flexible and strong. Aluminium also has the capacity to spring back and resist strong impact.

Aluminium extruded is widely used in different applications and if you are in any of the mentioned industries, look for a supplier where you can get your aluminium needs. Choose a supplier of aluminium extruded that offers promos and discount to its customers including product warranty. You should also prefer a manufacturer that has been in the business for a number of solid years.

Preparation For Cremation Of Thailand King Who Passed Away Underway

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Next month, October, the entire Kingdom of Thailand will be busier as they are preparing for the cremation of their late King BhumibolAdulyadej. The ceremony for the royal cremation will last for five days. The late King is loved by many and is honoured by the entire country because he has ruled over the Kingdom for seventy years.

The military government of Thailand has already allotted a budget for the funeral which will cost around 3 billion baht or $91 million. It is expected that many tourists will come and witness the ceremony as well thus booking a hotel near BTS is recommended for ease and convenience.

A huge crematorium is currently under constructed and is located at the SanamLuang which is a park found at the centre of Bangkok and near the Grand Palace. They are expecting that huge crowds will be coming to witness the event. The cremation’s exact scheduled date is on October 26. The cremation ceremony is done because of the belief of Thais that it is necessary in order for the deceased royal to be able to move on and reach heaven.

Though only seen through the window, an ornate palanquin is obviously prepared to be used during the royal funeral. It was last year on October 13 when the late King Bhumibol passed away at the age of 88 years old. The king was crowned back in 1946 and has become a symbol of continuity for the entire nation of Thailand. During the period he was king, the Kingdom of Thailand appointed into over 24 prime ministers while 10 military coups have occurred during the entire reign.

Funeral preparation is also underway at the Bangkok National Museum. When Bhumibol passed away, he brought with him the title of the monarch who reigned for the longest time. He belongs in the ChakriDynasty which existed for two centuries and considered as one of the richest monarchies in the entire world.

Tourists staying at the hotel near BTS will also be able to witness the gold chariot that artisans have been working on and will be used during the procession.

Kings Heath Street Festival Axed

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The organizers of the Kings Heath Street Festival, a major annual street festival in the eponymous South Birmingham suburb, recently confirmed rumours about the festival getting axed for 2017. The organizers of the festival made the confirmation on the first of September this year, merely nine days from the event’s planned date; Sept. 10.

The event was first held 3 years ago, in 2014, but only recently became a success during its second year, after 8,000 people from the local area attended for its street food, live performances and stalls. Since then, the festival has been rapidly growing and has become a notable draw-in for the locals of Kings Heath.

2017’s Kings Heath Street Festival was to be the fourth annual instance of the event, and was set to be held on the 10th of September, 2017, a Sunday.

But hopes for the event were dashed when a post on a Facebook Events page, attributed to Chris O’Neill, Kings Heath BID Board of Directors’ Chairman. The post stated that the board regrets to announce that the Kings Heath Street Festival for 2017 has been cancelled.

According to a follow-up statement released by the Board, they reached the decision to axe this year’s Kings Heath Street Festival after seeking out expert consultations from the several events and conference management groups, which include the following:

  • Birmingham City Council Events Team;
  • West Midlands Fire Service;
  • West Midlands Police Department;
  • Traffix;
  • Birmingham City Council Licensing Team, and;
  • Kings Heath private security company, plus additional consensus from local businesses.

Further official info states that this year’s festival would require a new hostile vehicle mitigation plan, as well as extra security measures, stewards and events and conference management, which means additional costs and legislation to handle.

The Board states that it is their intention to continue the Festival in 2018, once they have a new layout for the event that covers legislature needs. as the Festival is well-loved in the local area.

As expected, local reception to the news has been negative, with a considerable number of local business owners crying foul over the cancellation, seeing the Festival as a key aspect of the Kings Heath community.