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Features To Look For In A Triband Cell Repeater

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A few minutes of browsing on the internet can easily lead you to a number of Triband Cell Repeater from different online shops. There are all sorts of signal boosters in the market that no matter what you require, online shops can readily provide them for you. However, with all the available signal repeaters on the internet and even from offline electronic shops, you can be confused as to which of them should you choose. Of course, you have to take into consideration the size of your area or where you intend to use the repeater since there are those that are designed for vehicles, tall or large buildings and also for small houses.

When you are already sure on the type of Triband Cell Repeater that you are going to buy, the next step is to determine the features that should be found on the signal booster. Here are some ideas.

LCD display

Not all signal enhancers comes with LCD display. However, there are those such as Cell Repeater Nikrans LCD-300GDW Triband that are equipped with LCD display to allow you to check the exact status or strength of the cellular signal in your area including solutions when the device encounters errors and setup instructions. At the same time, the device automatically shifts into sleep mode when you are not in a call and it automatically activates when there’s an incoming call or if you are going to call another party.

Duly certified

Look for a signal booster that comes with certifications from reputable bodies such as from CE and RoHS. With these certifications, you can be sure that the device is safe to use as they were properly checked with the strictest standards before they were sent off to the market. The certifications also guarantee that the product is environment-friendly and the radiation it emits is within acceptable and safe levels.


With a Cell Repeater Nikrans LCD-300GDW Triband, you can access cellular signals from different network providers. The device should also support not just mobile phone signals but also of 4G internet connection on 1800Mhz.