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Sydney Councils Were Able To Lessen The Population Of Urban Foxes

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Councils all over Sydney were happy to announce that they were able to make great progress in their goal to lessen the population of urban foxes in the last year. This is a part of the ongoing program of the city to perform coordinated Sydney pest control and the scheme started last year around the month of July. There are about 15 councils that are participating in the said program. They are coming from various parts of Sydney including the southern, inner and eastern as well as the Royal Botanical Gardens. The program was initiated after it was found out that one of the main urban pests that is affecting New South Wales is the urban foxes.

Foxes are known to be main predators of various species that are feared to be dwindling in number including the little tern, the golden and green variety of bell frogs and the recently discovered existence of long-nosed bandicoots in the inner-west area of the city.

The coordinator of the fox control program, Alexandra Vandine is Rockdale City Council’s senior project officer and she said that the councils are already succeeding in their goal to reduce the population of the fox within the last year. She did not offer, however, to reveal the exact number of urban foxes that have undergone the process of euthanasia.

Ms. Vandine said that the important thing is that they were able to lessen the number of foxes found in the southern part of Sydney which in turn lessens the number of foxes overall in Australia.

She admitted that they have no idea if they will be able to eradicate them totally but it is necessary that they should be able to lessen their numbers.

Ms. Vandine added that councils from Sutherland and Bankstown are the lead when it comes euthanizing the foxes with the use of various techniques like baiting.

According to an estimate, there are about 7,000 foxes living in the southern part of the city and Sydney pest control is required to lower the alarming result that there are 10 foxes for every square kilometer. The 15 councils are working hand in hand with the Royal Botanical Garden in order to monitor and track the foxes with the help of infrared cameras.