Top Online Marketing Strategies For Law Firms

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The Internet has changed the legal industry, from how law firms market themselves and how they deliver their legal services. In the current age, many lawyers still find the internet a confusing place, with a lot of options that may be a make or break.

Stephen Fairley from The Rainmaker Institute has listed the top online marketing strategies to help simplify things for people who are still finding their way through the Internet.


Narrowing choices

Unless one has unlimited marketing budget, do not do it all – social media, pay per click, email marketing, SEO, content marketing, etc. Instead, focus only on a couple of things: (1) where potential clients are, and (2) results than can be measured. Success or failure should be measurable to be able to know what works and be able to develop on the successes.


Using Facebook ads

Facebook has 1.4 billion users monthly, and half of those users log in daily. One of the best features of Facebook is its ad targeting, the capability to layer target options to create a highly distinct audience. This allows targeting locally and putting ads in front of people that might need the services. Facebook ads do not cost much, so people can experiment and see what relates with prospective clients and repeat what works.


Capturing leads using information

There are a great number of essential information that prospects might want. Likewise, there are a variety of tools available to spread that information to them, such as e-books, blogs and free reports. Offer those and in exchange, have them sign up or get their contact information. Eventually, the leads are going to follow.


Thinking mobile

Law firms that do not have a mobile optimized website should make it adapt fast.  Mobile-friendly websites perform better and also provide better user experience for prospective clients.


Automating lead conversion

A thorough marketing program makes use of multiple marketing strategies, such as SEO, ads, PPC, email marketing, blogs, social media, and so on. This means the leads come from various sources. Law firms should have automated ways to deal with those leads, or they might slip through, with all those financial investments and hard ending up as nothing.

Australia Dengue Fever Cases Reached 20-Year High

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Last year, the dengue fever cases in the country of Australia already hit its 20-year high. This was driven by the travelers that were infected in tropical destinations like Bali and brought back the virus with them.

Numerous cases of dengue fever

As indicated in the data from the federal Health Department, there were greater than 2000 cases from the mosquito-borne disease which was confirmed last year in Australia.

Cameron Webb, a mosquito expert from the University of Sydney mentioned that dengue fever cases increased around the world, and the travelers brought back the disease in the country. However, he added, when a person brought back dengue fever, he or she is not likely to pass it on since most of the local mosquito species are not able to transmit this disease.

Microbiology professor from the Peter Doherty Institute Cameron Simmons mentioned that dengue fever is endemic or persistently being transmitted all over most of the countries in south-east Asia and western Pacific, the famous destinations for the Australian travelers.

He mentioned that dengue is a global problem for already 20 years, with the last decade seeing an epidemic spread of this virus in a lot of neighbouring countries of Australia. So, the likelihood of the travelers getting infected is also growing, according to him.

However, he indicated that the growing number of these cases in Australia may also be due to more doctors doing tests which checked if returned travelers have been infected with the virus.

Dr Simmons mentioned that it takes anywhere between 3 – 10 days for the disease to incubate, and it leads to flu-like symptoms which last for 7 days.

Each year, there is an estimate of 390 million people getting infected.

According to Dr Simmons, the disease does not happen again after the first time, but if someone gets infected for the second time due to another mosquito bite, the risk from possible deadly complications like internal bleeding increases greatly.


This is why it is very important to avail of services for Pest Control in Sydney or in other parts of Australia in order to prevent diseases and illnesses coming from different pests, not just mosquitoes, in the country.

Free Ride For Pattaya-Hua Hin Ferry Extended Until January 31

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Royal Passenger Liner Ltd which is the ferry operator servicing Pattaya and Hua Hin already extended its free ride period to the 31st of this month instead of the 15th, following a lot of cancelled trips due to stormy seas.

Ferry service’s official launch, schedules and fares

The ferry service’s official launch was also postponed to February instead of January 12 due to the bad weather conditions.

The Meteorological Department and the Marine Department have both advised the ferry operator that more heavy rain, rough seas and strong winds are anticipated in the Gulf of Thailand.

The company suspended the January 11 to 12 service and is going to also do so for this January 19 due to crew training and ferry maintenance.

From January 13 to 31, except January 19, the time of departure from Pattaya’s Laem Bali Hai pier is going to be moved to 10:30 am from 8:30 am because of changing tides. The Royal 1 passenger catamaran is going to depart from the pier located at Hua Hin’s Prachuap Khiri Khan earlier at 1:30 pm instead of 3 pm.

When the free ride period is going to end, the fare will cost 1,250 baht one way per person.

Further information

Preecha Tantipura, the company’s chief executive, mentioned that the company is going to oblige with the safety regulations specified by the Marine Department. For those passengers who intend to catch a ride with the company, they should check further announcements of schedule changes due to weather conditions on the company’s Facebook page, RoyalPassengerLiner.

The information that is presented in the company’s Facebook page is available currently in Thai. Foreigners may call 0-3848-8999 or inquire at its office.

The ferry service launched unofficially last January 1, with the free rides supposedly offered until the 15th of January only. However, its initial run was delayed due to rough seas and not made possible until the 5th of January.


This new ferry service is great news for any traveler on the way to a 5-star or 4-star resort in Pattaya from Hua Hin, since this is already very convenient to travel by ferry instead of enduring the long land travel.

Why People Will Want To Visit Thailand In 2017

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Tourism is a big industry in the world. It generates more than $7 trillion per year in receipts and employs 1 in 11 citizens in the world. This equates to fiercer competition in terms of international travelers.

Thailand as a top tourist destination

A top league player is Thailand. It has been a favourite for students and budget travelers due to a number of reasons, such as the good weather, warm and welcoming people, white sand beaches, exotic temples, etc. For the first time, Thailand is going to surpass the 30 million mark for arrivals, which will include it in the world’s top 10.

The numbers result from a growth of its markets, according to what officials told Forbes during an interview last month in Cannes’ International Luxury Travel Mart.

The Chinese tourists are up at 30%. The Russian travelers have already come back, and Americans increased at 12%. Thailand will tap to Brazil and Eastern Canada by launching new tourism promotion offices in Sao Paolo and Toronto.

Thailand’s plan in the future

Today, Thailand wants to benefit from the increase in world wealth, specifically the Ultra High Net Worth market that is projected to double in the next 10 years, and the stream of rich travelers that want to explore new places.

According to Daniel Ziriakus, Northrop & Johnson’s COO, their customers constantly look for different destinations that will provide that unparalleled yachting experience and Thailand is currently on the radar, which can become an important player in this super-yacht market.

He is not alone in taking notice. It is already rumoured that a top restaurant rating service is going to add Thailand in its list, with this indicating that Thailand offers both a diverse cuisine and fine dining.

Director of ILTM Alison Gilmore said that she always regarded Thailand as a luxury destination. She added that the country has great spas and hotels. For her, she finds it positive that the country is working hard to promote its services.


Thailand has already become a haven for luxury especially that there are numerous five-star resorts, hotels and spas. Any hotel in Sukhumvit Bangkok or in the country’s CBD is surely going to offer more value.

Tips In Choosing Beachfront Villa Koh Samui

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If you are fond of the movie, the Beach starred by Leo DiCaprio, you must be familiar with Koh Samui as it was mentioned in the movie a few times. Thailand in itself is known in the entire world for its stunning beaches and mesmerizing islands. If you want to experience the beach life, Thailand style, look for a beachfront villa Koh Samui.

If you search through the internet, you will find so many hotels and villas in Koh Samui. All of these hotels display encouraging photos in their gallery and almost all of them offer hot deals. So how will you determine the right hotel for you? Here are some tips:

Read reviews

Search for potential hotels and villas in your target destination such as Koh Samui then shorten your list to up to five hotels and villas. The next step would be to check on customer reviews and ratings to find out what other customers have to say about the beachfront villa Koh Samui. There are several third party websites that host discussions and forums related to services and facilities provided by hotels in Koh Samui and Thailand. Some reviews can also be found in the hotel’s website.

Choose an awarded hotel

Another determinant of excellence is awards given by prestigious award-giving bodies in the industry. One of the most sought-after awards is the Certificate of Excellence given by TripAdvisor. The award is given to top-performing 10% of businesses listed on TripAdvisor. The recognition is based on consistent high ratings given by customers for the hotel’s hospitality excellence. Apart from TripAdvisor, check for other accolades given to the hotel.

Ask around

Word travels fast around. If you have friends who recently visited Thailand and booked in a beachfront villa in Koh Samui, ask for feedback and recommendations. Your friends are excellent sources of first-hand information and you can be sure that the feedback given to you is accurate and unadulterated. Unbiased feedbacks are important when you need to decide on purchases and services because it involves money. Research and ask around to book at the right villa in Koh Samui.

HTML5 Online Website Generation Tools

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The era of WYSIWYG HTML editors is drawing to an end. It is slowly being replaced by a number of online website generation tools. Their claim to fame is that they are accessible from any device and from anywhere. Yet, they are still able to create great sites without having deep coding or programming knowledge.

Three of the well-known online website generation tools currently are SILEX, Weebly and Wix.


The Silex platform offers a WYSIWYG editor that is browser based. It has drag and drop, real time previews, and image and CSS editors. This is free, without hidden costs or any licensing requirements. Pages which are modified in the are saved in a user’s hard drive for ownership of data. A user is able to work with other developers through Dropbox or migrate a work to a host via FTP.

There are also numerous free templates found in GitHub and paid templates in Templamatic. There are many embeddable widgets for forms, slideshows and videos.


Weebly pages are created from dropping text, images and several other elements to an editor canvas. The elements are re-arrangeable through dragging across pages and placing with thorough precision since elements snap to a grid automatically. Weebly doesn’t limit the customization options for these elements.

Aside from webpage design, Weebly has an app store named App Centre which allows for installation of application functionality to websites. The App Centre has everything from marketing apps to menu integrations.

Weebly is a one stop shop for creating websites and apps, including domain registration, hosting and SEO. However, not all things are free. A free plan gets a user a 5000MB storage, the Drag & Drop Site Builder and a sub-domain. There will be ads displayed on a site. To remove ads and add extra features, it is better to sign up as a paying account, from $10 – $60 monthly.


Wix provides a builder, 500MB storage, unlimited pages, secure hosting and a free mobile site. If this is not enough, a Premium Plan upgrade gets a user more features, from $4.08 – $24.92 monthly.

Wix provides a free URL on their domain. They make use of a blank website editor. Pages are created through the addition of elements to this editor, which include icons, buttons, forms, shapes, boxes and audio players. It also has an App Market for third-party app integration.


Creating websites is now done in a variety of ways. Online website generation tools like the ones mentioned above are an easy way to do so. However, for those wanting to pursue more like learn the underlying methods and techniques, as well as do coding, an HTML5 training is best.