Glass Plant In East Deer Shutting Down, 200 Workers Left With No Job

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In a recent announcement made by Pittsburgh Glass Works, they confirmed the rumors that they are shutting their East Deer facility which will stop production next year in June. Glass companies in Australia such as Economy Glass are thriving with their business and are not affected by the news but not the same can be said of the 200 workers that will be losing their job as soon as the automotive glass factory closes down.

The Creighton plant is under Vitro which is based in Mexico and it is one of the eight plants of the company that is operating in the United States by manufacturing automotive glass.

The company said that there are many reasons that prompted the decision to close such as the old facilities considering that the plant is already 130 years old. They are not able to meet the demand for a facility with technological innovations.

The company said that even after a discussion between United Steel Workers and the company, they are not able to device a long-term solution to the problem that PGW is currently facing in the manufacturing plant.

Spokesman from USW, R. J. Hufnagel refused to give any comments.

The company made it clear though that they are experiencing overcapacity. Looking at the products that are manufactured in the Creighton plant, the demand is not enough to cover the capacity of the plan which means that they overproduce around 2 million more items annually.

According to the CEO and president of PGW, Joe Stas, they are grateful for the discussions between USW and the company regarding the future of Creighton but looking at the challenges that the plant is facing, they have come to a conclusion that it is time to shut down in 2018. They are no focusing on the employees to make sure that they get their benefits and they will be assisted in any other ways they require as their families will be going through changes next year.

While it may not be a good year for PGW, glass companies such as Economy Glass in Australia are getting more projects with the rise in demand for shower glass doors.

The New David Rumsey Map Illustration Center Is Unveiled By Stanford University

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It’s now time for cartography geeks to triumph! Why? The David Rumsey Map Center has been unveiled by the Green Library of Stanford University. It’s actually an accumulation of more than 150000 globes, atlases, maps and other historical treasures given by asenior real estate developer. You can surely find a map illustration that fits your research needs.

The geospatial librarian of the New York Public Library, Matt Knutzen tells National Geographic Greg Miller, “It’s actually one of the largest map collections around. What makes it more appealing is having the collection accessible for public use.”

It has always been Rumsey’s reason to collect maps since the mid-1980s. He used to be a real estate developer for the Atlantic Philanthropies for 20 years, and made sufficient collections just enough to retire at age 50. By 1999, he realized that his map collections have not only grown bigger, but was also full of uncommon pictures which many can be interested in. He chose to digitize the collection and upload the images online. It was about a time when dial-up connection was still common. However, many users online found the access to the maps quite difficult. To challenge himself, Rumsey founded a new company named Luna Imaging. It developed a software to offer a new way to display huge images, which is currently utilized in many museums and libraries around the world.

Rumsey preserved his map illustration digitally to, which now hosts around 67000 images. At age 71 however, he planned to turn over the actual and digital collection of the images to Stanford.

Physical copies of the donated globes and maps are currently featured in the center. Nick Stockton tells the Wired that Its largest attraction is the innovated giant touch screen display, which many researchers can zoom in the digitized maps.

Other institutions and universities have also housed world-class map collections. But the curator and director of the David Rumsey Map Center, G. Salim Muhammed, points out that Stanford is the very first to integrate map centers with modern technology for research applications.

How students and researchers can utilize the sophisticated map illustration collection remain to be seen; however, Rumsey is very positive. He tells Miller that the future should determine its place.

Trump And Obama’s Guidance On Bathrooms And More Stores Offering It

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The Donald Trump polity has cancelled the guidance in US public schools to tolerate transgender students to use lavatories corresponding their gender identity. There must be more bathrooms and more stores offering such.

The guidance was previously issued by Barack Obama, which hailed victory among transgender rights.

However, it jeopardized other students’ safety and privacy, and must be reviewed at state level.

Mr. Obama’s directive had stimulated a backfire all over the country, having legal disputes from thirteen states.

The recent modification will immediately have no impact as the directive had been temporarily blocked by a judge in Texas last August.

The Trump government has sent a letter to all US schools describing the modification, saying the previous measure has triggered confusion. There has to be appropriate bathrooms and more stores offering such services to American students.

It has also triggered debates and lawsuits as to how it should be practiced, a letter from the Education and Justice departments said.

The former president orderedall public schools to permit transgender students to make use of bathrooms thatfit their gender identity. Mr. Obama warned that those who failed to follow the guidance may lose funding in order to protect gender rights.

In Mr. Trumps presidential campaign, he stated that transgender students are permitted to use lavatorieswhere they felt suitable. But he reversed his opinion after facing many Republican disapprovals.

Mr. Trump’s order was commended by conservative supporters, saying it protected the students’ rights to privacy.

A member of Students and Parents for Privacy Vicky Wilson said: “We never agree that our daughters will have to share their private spaces with male schoolmates even if these young men were having issues.” It was a question of bathrooms and more stores providing it.

Nevertheless, transgender supporters have strongly disputed that gender identity is a civil right that must be implemented on a federal level, rather than a state level.

President Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers named the move a major obstacle for transgender rights.

“Once the guidance is revoked, the Trump administration and the Education Department will have other students harass and abuse transgender kids at school.”

Few celebrities disapproved the ruling on social media, like Ellen DeGeneres posting a message on Twitter: “This ain’t about politics; it’s all about humanrights.” It’s what bathrooms and more stores offering it are all about.

3 Main Reasons To Book In 5 Star Hotels In Ho Chi Minh City

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Whether you are booking at 5 star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City or in other cities in the world, nothing beats the feeling of staying in a luxurious hotel that screams of opulence in its every square inch. There are only minor difference between 4 stars and 5 star hotels but the slim difference impacts your overall enjoyment and experience at the hotel. Some of the top three reasons why tourists prefer a 5 star hotel even with higher rates compared to 4 star hotels.

Luxurious and posh accommodations

One of the main advantages of booking in a 5 star hotel is the guarantee that you will stay in an upscale accommodation where you can lie on soft cottony pillows or use plush towels and branded toiletries. You can have a warm bath with essential oils in a porcelain tub or Jacuzzi or get lost stargazing in your large in suite balcony. By choosing among 5 star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, you can be sure that you will find the latest amenities and elegant furnishings in every room with automated services such as key-card operated lift or elevators, key-card rooms and quiet air-conditioning and heating systems. 5 star hotels are well decorated to meet the high standards of their target guests. By staying in a posh 5 star hotel, not only will you be sure that you will have a comfortable stay, you will also enjoy at the hotel out of the numerous activities that you can engage within.

Better hotel experience

It’s not every day that you are going to stay in a 5 star hotel. If you have the budget for it, you might as well treat yourself to first-rate luxuries every now and then. Staying in a luxurious hotel would make you feel like a celebrity with all the treatment and amenities that you get to enjoy during your stay.

Dedicated hotel staff

Another positive aspect of staying in 5 star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City is you have a dedicated hotel staff to serve your needs around the clock. You will be assigned with a dedicated butler and room service to attend to your every need.

Tips To Lower Costs When Installing A False Ceiling

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No matter what your project may be, it will always involve money. Such as the case when installing a false ceiling or dropped ceiling. The design has become the epitome of modern homes or offices that no matter where you go, you can easily find a ceiling lower than the usual ceilings and it comes with trendy and contemporary designs. Most false ceilings come with modern lighting fixtures to further make the area more sophisticated and elegant. Although false ceiling looks expensive, they are actually not especially if you look for ways to lower the costs. Here are some ideas.

Choosecost-effective designs

If you want to keep your expenses within your budget while installing a false ceiling, select designs that do not require more materials. You can find a lot of simple yet elegant designs that do not require a lot of materials. It’s how the false ceiling is designed which will make it elegant and not so much on its materials. The materials is an added factor but if you are working on a budget, choose humble materials but concentrate on the effectiveness of its design. You can consult an interior decorator but it that would add up to the costs, you can just refer to false ceiling designs on the internet or on how or office design magazines for ideas.

Ask for cost estimates

Another effective way to lower the costs for the project is to ask for cost estimates from different service providers. Search for contractors on the internet and read testimonials to get an idea on the quality of their service delivery. Select at least three contractors to narrow your choices then request for cost estimates. Choose the contractor that offers more value for your money.

Work on your budget

When you already have an idea on how much you are going to spend for installing a false ceiling, prepare your budget and stick to it. The contractor might suggest other additions or more intricate design but while you do not have the budget for it, it would be best to stick to your design to ensure that the project will be completed.

Understanding Two Different Types Of Paint And Their Advantages

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In order for you to have a successful painting project, it is important that you have an understanding on the different types of paint in order for you to choose the right one. There are two basic types of paint; the water-based and oil-based. Both has its share of advantages and disadvantages but basically what sets them apart is that water-based paints dry easily and they are easier to work with. They are also available in more colour options and water-based paints come with matte finish. On the other hand, oil-based paints take longer to dry but you can rely on their durability as they wear longer. One feature of oil-based paints is they come with glossy finish.

Water-based paints are ideal for exteriors and also on interiors that receives moisture or wetness such as kitchen and bathroom. Oil-based paints are not recommended for exterior uses because it has lower UV resistance and is vulnerable to cracking. They are suitable for areas you wish to highlight such as windows, doors, trims, architraves, skirting and other decorative features. Oil-based paints are also more resistant to scrapes and scuffs.

To get better understanding on the different types of paint, here are the advantages of the two.

Water-based paints

  • Surfaces with water based-paints can easily be cleaned with water
  • Emits lower fumes and odour with lower VOC levels
  • More colours to choose from
  • Less glossy
  • Higher resistance to cracking
  • Can only take 30 minutes to dry
  • Lower risk of yellowing
  • Higher UV resistance
  • Durable even in damp or moist environments

Oil-based paints

  • Requires turps for clean ups
  • With stronger fumes and odour including VOC levels
  • Lesser colour variety
  • Better and smoother finish with less visible brush mark
  • Glossy finish
  • Can take up to 8 hours to dry
  • Higher vulnerability to cracking
  • Prone to yellowing
  • Higher resistance to wear
  • Lower resistance to UV

Understanding the different types of paint is important for you to know which type of paint will be used on a specific application. For more information, you can consult an interior designer or a service provider for home or office painting job in your area.