The Reality Behind Drugs And The Top Drug Rehab Centers

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Not too many people are aware of what transpires in a top drug rehab center. They don’t really get a clearer picture as to what is happening inside on daily basis. So it is best to find the best ones that really fit their needs.

Certainly, famous musicians and celebrities have exploited the concepts of drug rehab facilities incorrectly, and they have exploited more substance abuse in the wrong way.

Certainly, expectations may arise especially in films when an addict dies of drug overdose, or their life fades away when they involve themselves into drugs. However, audiences are still treated with descriptions of how drugs can turn out okay, and the crazy individual can get enough praises no matter who they hurt.

In reality, drug addiction or substance abuse can make you lose what you own, your friends and even your mind. This is when a top drug rehab center comes in to make you feel well and recover from the addiction.

In drug rehab centers, especially during the detox stage, one spends painstaking hours of sweats and feelings that their heart is about to burst. They throw up repeatedly until nothing is left inside their stomach. Somehow the experience can be life threatening that you will want to dread the reality. Once detox finally sets in, therapies and counselling come in various stages. They can be individual or group sessions. For individual sessions, they need to work with professional therapist to know how to handle their lives. For group sessions, they may need to share their experiences with others and get the support that they need.

In reality, addiction to drugs or alcohol is a disease and should be treated that way. That addiction may have earned some enemies or wrongdoings for others. However, the addicted needs to realize such fault and must be treated accordingly to help them recover from such ailment. The best way is to put them in a top drug rehab center so they have a second chance, be free from drugs and reacquaint with those they have wronged. The rehab will spare their lives and will lead to having better relationships with those they love.

How Denis O’Brien Can Help Rebuild The City Of Port-au-Prince

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The impoverished Haiti was stricken by a very strong earthquake that devastated 200,000 lives and some existing infrastructure. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.0, which totally destroyed Port-au-Prince and are currently needing to rebuild the city. Life has been so difficult since, especially that over 1-1/4-million people now live in tents, despite having relief efforts from aiding organizations which have been working hard since the very first day. The famous philanthropist, Denis O’Brien decided to help Haiti in every way through his foundations.

Just picture how it is with the Haiti people. They have been living in plastic tents, where all sides are closed and with some small ventilation. The tent size is just enough to fit a single bed and a small shelf where you can keep your personal belongings. Water is from a common source just 50 meters away from where you live. The toilets and bathing facilities are common, and there are thousands of people living in that compound just where you live. And it can be so hot at daytime with temperature about 45 degrees Celsius. Yes, there is electricity but there is no provision for fans. And Haitians have been living there for the past four months.

This is how people are now living in Port-au-Prince, and there are over a million of them. There have been billions of dollars donated for this country; unfortunately, Haitians need to settle in this arrangement for some time until the city is fully reconstructed and developed.

The Tragedy of Haiti

Therein lies an estimated 700,000 houses already destroyed by the devastating earthquake. Three quarters of the houses are found in the capital city. The houses that have collapsed and were destroyed now need the site cleared to start rebuilding the area. Clearing debris is now a painstaking operation, especially that houses are adjoining from each other. The streets are so small that it only fits a small car. Heavy machinery will find it impossible to move. Then there is a question on where to dispose the billions tonnes of debris. It could have been easier if people were provided with alternative land to reconstruct their houses. Then there’s also a problem of unemployment and no businesses. So let us see how the foundations of Denis O’Brien can help this poor country.

Five Easy Tips To Organize Dream Weddings In Bangkok

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Bangkok is a perfect destination to plan weddings. The bustling city has all the ingredients required to organize a dream wedding. The hotels and wedding venues in the city offer great service to the guests and make the day memorable. The wedding venues in Bangkok offer the best hospitality and mesmerizing decor to make your wedding ceremony look straight out of dreams. To make your wedding, a pleasant experience for you and your guests, follow these simple guidelines.

  1. The first step is to always plan the details. Plan out the basics like the guest list, scale of ceremony, food and drink. Planning things helps you to decide on a budget and stick to it.The next step is to select the right setting for the wedding. Decide the perfect setting that suits your taste. The wedding venue in Bangkok offers the perfect setting to say your vows. The exquisite architecture of the event spaces combined with the special menus curated by award winning chefs will make you feel like royalty.
  2. Hiring a wedding planner will help to save time and energy. The wedding planner is far more experienced in organizing events and can get you a good bargain. The experts at the famous venue work with you to create a beautiful setting for the wedding that reflects your fine taste.
  3. Logistics plays an important role in deciding the wedding venue. Always select a venue, which is easy to reach. Choosing far off spaces without proper connectivity will increase your budget. The popular wedding venue in Bangkok is located in the heart of the city. It is on the Sathorn- Silom road and is connected to the other important parts of the city by mass transit. The hotel also offers luxury limousine services at good rates for pick up and drops off of guests from the airport.
  4. The next and the most important step in planning a wedding, is to decide the menu. Select the menu depending on the season and the guest list. The luxury wedding venue in Bangkok offers specially created seasonal menus and an extensive list of well stocked wines and classic cocktails.

These five tips help you to organize your dream wedding in Bangkok. Once you are done with planning and selecting the best wedding venue in Bangkok, just leave the rest of the details to the experienced staff of the venue and enjoy your wedding.

Your Car Upholstery Choices Are Between Vinyl And Leather Seat Covers

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A study shows that Americans nearly spend several hours a week in their vehicle. What often is wondered is how they choose a comfortable seat cover in their car buying process. Cloth seating may be a popular choice among motorists, however, there are those who vinyl or leather seat covers for their vehicle. The choice will actually depend on their preference and budget.

Vinyl Seat Covers

Comparing cloth and leather, vinyl is relatively a new car upholstery material. It was in WWII when plastic technology was greatly improved, where vinyl seat covers were derived.

In the 1950s, vinyl became a leading material in the car upholstery business. Since then, it improved the quality of vinyl and even looked and felt like leather, which make it hard to distinguish between the two.

Vinyl has many benefitslike making it 25% cheaper and coming with a wide variety of colors and patterns. Vinyl fabric is also easy to clean, thus keeping its color and structure.

Vinyl isn’t right for you if you don’t like hot and sticky seat covers in summer. They can also crack with extreme temperature and severe sunlight. In time, vinyl will feel more like plastic to touch.

Leather Car Seats

If you are willing to spend more money for leather seat covers, you’re in for several benefits over vinyl.Leather is also more durable than vinyl. The seat covers come with a unique, pleasant smell. It’s a more poriferous material and provides cooler seats in summer. Your damp skin will not stick to it unlike vinyl.

Leather car seat covers are more insusceptible to mishaps and are not flammable. With proper care, they can survive more than their vinyl counterparts.

Also, cleaning leather seats are much more difficult that vinyl. If immersed, the wetness can go through the foam cushion.

Leather car seat covers are also luxury items, and they cost more than how vinyl are priced.

So which to choose?

If you choose leather seat covers, you have invested in the best upholstery over vinyl. It should improve the value of your car whether it’s old or new. You also improve the car interiors especially if it’s an older model.

For vinyl seat covers, there aren’t much effects. It may be easier to clean and can come with a variety of colors, but the totality is having plastic seat covers for your car.

IHG Makes New Partnership, To Lead To Major Portfolio Expansion

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InterContinental Hotels Group, one of the world’s biggest hospitality companies, has recently solidified a partnership with Thailand development company, Ratanakorn Asset, which will lead to the opening of a holiday inn suites in Rayong to be followed by more, as part of the company’s expansion  in Thailand.

This signing will lead to the operation of eight new properties in key destinations across Thailand, with new holiday inn suites in Rayong, Pattaya, Phuket,Khao Lak and Koh Samui. The signing will consist of eight properties across several of IHG’s brands, mostly new properties with one conversion, split amongst the Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and Staybridge Suites brands, which will increase IHG’s portfolio in Thailand by at least 2,000 rooms. The new properties will begin operation, one following the other, starting from 2018.

Managing Director South East Asia and Korea, IHG, Clarence Tan says that Thailand has always been a key market for IHG, having served as the launch pad for several of the group’s key brands, including the Holiday Inn Express, Hotel Indigo and Staybridge Suites brands.  He says that IHG is excited to strengthen their presence in Thailand with three of their most popular brands with the cooperation of Ratanakorn Asset.

Ratanakorn Asset is a Pattaya-based real estate company, which has worked on properties valued at more than THB30 billion, primarily located at Pattaya, Chonburi and Rayong. The developer’s portfolio includes commercial, industrial, residential and retail projects, to be joined by the eight upcoming IHG developments.

Ratanakorn Asset’s President NitiRuangratanakorn says that they see IHG’s partnership with them will bolster their portfolio in Thailand. This was a decision, he says, they made with careful consideration of the economic condition of the Eastern Economic Corridor, which the Thai government have been working to promote. He says that IHG’s prestige across the world makes them the ideal partner for the development company. They expect that this partnership will put them in a good place to meet the increasing demand for accommodation in Thailand, and that they look forward to working with them.

The new properties set to open by 2018 are the Holiday Inn Resort Koh Larn, Holiday Inn Resort Pattaya Na Jomtien, Staybridge Suites North Pattaya, Holiday Inn Resort Rayong, Holiday Inn Resort Khao Lak Cape Pakarang, Holiday Inn Express Phuket Kata, and the Holiday Inn Express Samui Chaweng.

Why You Need To Hire A Personal Trainer For Your Nutrition And Exercises

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How you can benefit from the fitness plan that works for you comes from a personal trainer who designed the program. Whether you are just starting or have the experience to exercise will all depend on the professional trainer and how he implements the plan to improve your body physically.

Below are three reasons why people prefer a personal trainer and why you have to hire them. This trainer will help you achieve your goals and make your weight loss or fitness program work for you:

  • If you don’t see positive results

If you can’t see any changes in your body or see positive results from the fitness program you are in, it’s about time to hire a professional trainer to help you with your goals. The trainer can revise your plan or make one just in case you don’t have it. He can also assess your eating habits and discover which parts of the exercise and nutrition you failed in. The trainer will also determine when you have achieved your goals or just in case you have not.

  • Don’t know where to start

You should learn how to organize your routines which include all possible activities that make you improve your fitness. Why you should hire a personal trainer is for reasons to identify your limits so you don’t surpass your possibilities. You can also collaborate with them on how you can design a specific plan and establish your goals so you realize your exercise plans.

  • You want to know how to train on your own

Even if you decide to design your own routines, you need a personal trainer so you get an accurate exercise and nutrition plan that will surely benefit your body. If you want to build your muscles, he will know what programs you need to stay in shape. A few sessions with the trainer can make you learn how your body works and how to achieve your fitness goals. He can also provide a variety of exercises and routines that will keep you going and don’t get you bored with it.