How Saltwater Ponds Decline Due To The Presence Of Nitrogen

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Saltwater Ponds Decline Due To The Presence Of Nitrogen

The Massachusetts Estuaries Project (MEP) has come under fire from the residents of the island town of Tisbury. It is not the first time that the residents are pursuing options to restore Lake Tashmoo and Lagoon Pond that have declined due to nitrogen entering the watershed and causing algae blooms. After dozens of reviews by a national panel composed of engineers, professors and policy makers, the MEP was endorsed as a model.

MEP Director Brian Howes welcomed the criticisms because he believes that the people have a right to do so. On the three public hearings by the Tisbury board of health, some have casted doubt on MEP and presented their calculations and suggested different causes for the presence of nitrogen in the watersheds. A self-described amateur environmentalist, Donald Muckerheide suggested that groundwater has no role in the decline of saltwater ponds. He has suggested mechanical aeration to jump start the growth of plants and microorganisms that would consume excess nitrogen and bottom sediment which he believes resulted from a surface runoff and the effects of acid rain that started 30 years ago.

Three years ago, Muckerheide purchased a device that can be used to restore the health of the island ponds for a fraction of the cost of wastewater solutions. The device called the Toring Turbine had a 5-horsepower motor with a shaft and an 8-inch disc that spins to create negative vacuum and tiny bubbles that aerate the water. Muckerheide also believes that there is still enough oxygen on the island’s ponds but not the surplus required for the support of aerobic microbes and aerobic decomposition. He added that another form of aeration involves pumping water from the bottom or forcing it down from the surface could stir nitrogen in the bottom sediment and result into additional algae blooms. Dredging can be a problem as well because after a few years you are back to facing the same problem.

Pond & Lake Aeration is a technique that has been well developed to successfully clean water systems and turn a lake over to allow for more oxygen that is necessary for the survival of aquatic life. Aside from reducing mosquitoes, aeration also eliminates the foul odor resulting from dissolved gases.

CPSC Campaigning Against Falling Furniture

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Based on the report released by Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC, one child dies for every two weeks because of falling furniture inside the house. The public is now aware of the shocking statistic after the death of another 2 year old boy which is caused by a dresser from Ikea – this is the third death caused by the said dresser since 2014.

There is now an ongoing recall of the said dresser after the occurrence of the third death. The dressers have been sold more than 27 million times and it has been manufactured with the brand name of Malm. It was only last year that the Swedish company issued a warning campaign to all the customers regarding the dressers because it is known to topple because of the assembly process. Ikea is well known because it has affordable furniture that can by DIYed by the customers.

According to safety advocates, the attempt of the Ikea by launching the campaign is merely a way of them fixing the problem despite the fact that Ikea have given away more than 300,000 kits for free to be used in securing the dressers into the walls of the house.

According to a statement from the representative of Consumer Federation of America, Rachel Weintraub, regarding the recall, the education campaign launched by Ikea is not the solution to the risk presented by their product. She also added that it was not a quick solution and that the product needs to leave the market. This is now a bit late as she admitted that it should have been acted on sooner so not children are killed and harmed in the process.

Six deaths are claimed to be in connection with the Malm dresser. The company has already released a list of all the furniture pieces for recall.

According to the chairman of CPSC, Elliot Kaye, majority of the cases are not the fault of the parents alone. Kaye has already stated a national movement called Anchor It in order to avoid any future accidents similar to this one. This is also a wakeup call to consumers to make sure that they are buying safe furniture such as variety of oak tables and desks.

Bitcoin Miners Postive Regarding The Halving Event

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bitcoin miners

There is an important upcoming event for bitcoin miners called the block halving. This event happens only every four years just like the Olympics. For this year, the halving is the second since the launching of the digital currency. As of today, miners have already gathered three quarters of the total existing bitcoins. As a result of the halving, the subsidy which they normally get at every block will become 12.5 bitcoins instead of the usual 25 bitcoins. The block halving is one of the most awaited events of the bitcoin devotees but some are still afraid of what it will mean for the future of bitcoin.

The most affected entity with the coming halving are the bitcoin miners because block production is their daily job and the reward that they get for every block is where they get majority of their profit. Many of the bitcoin miners have already expressed their view regarding the upcoming halving. According to Samson Mow of BTCC and Valery Vavilov of BitFury, they are all positive about the coming event. Despite the fact that the halving will cause the subsidy to be cut in half and will affect the revenue of the miners, they are aware that this is needed in order to get the value proposition that bitcoin should have.

Jihan Wu is one of the founder of the manufacturer of ASIC in China which is the Bitmain and also known to be controlling AntPool. AntPool is considered to be the second largest of all the existing mining pool all over the globe because their hash power amounts to around 20 per cent of the total value. Wu also expressed his view regarding the halving and he is predicting the increase of the bitcoin price as an aftereffect of the block halving.

Wu also added that while the monetary policy that governs bitcoin is far from perfect, it is known to deliver. A trait that is quite a challenge when it comes to other monetary body or a central bank.wu believes that the halving will have a positive on the bitcoin miners as well as the entire bitcoin community.

Real Estate Agents Will Always Be In Demand According To The CEO Of Compass

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Real Estate Agents Will Always Be In Demand According To The CEO Of Compass

Compass is a company that was founded before the end of 2012 by Rovert Reffkin together with Ori Allon. It is now considered as one of the most innovative business startups in the field of real estate nowadays. The brokerage firm is operated with the help of technology with an office headquarter based in New York. It has also offices located in various locations such as Aspen, Los Angeles, the Hamptons, Santa Barbara, Boston, Washington DC and Miami. Compass are able to provide their customers with the best services in brokering with the partnership of exceptional real estate agents that are experts in using the latest high quality technology which makes the process involved in real estate such as renting, buying and selling more easier, seamless and not to mention intelligent.

The investor capital of the company is now at $135 million and they have announced in a recent statement that they are already starting the early stages of the series D for more funding. This latest series is expected to amount to $1.2 billion.

According to the founder as well as the CEO of the Compass, Robert Reffkin, before he started working on his startup, he was employed at Goldman Sachs ad he was the President’s Chief of Staff. He later became the COO after working for five years in the private equity arm that is also owned by the firm. Before coming to Goldman Sachs, he also shared that he was employed at Lazard and McKinsey & Company. It was in 2005 that he was given the position of a White House Fellow. He was then assigned to be the special assistant of the Secretary of the Treasury.

Aside from all the businesses he is dealing with, Reffkin is also known to be the founder of a mentoring program in New York City, New York Needs You. This is said to be a time-intensive program that focuses on career mentoring. He is now reaping his success in the field of real estate. For those interested in moving to Thailand, it is now easier finding a house for sale in Pattaya.

Scuba Diving For Physical Fitness

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Contrary to its reputation as a high risk sport, scuba diving is just the same as walking. An individual is not required to have great strength to scuba dive but only an average level of fitness to be safe. In the past, scuba divers required rubber dry suits and flotation gear that were bulky and heavy that is why it is not suggested for youngsters and members of the weaker sex even majority of men. Things have changed because scuba diving is now considered as a recreational sport that can be enjoyed by all people.

Some celebrities consider scuba diving as an ideal way to keep in shape. When the body is fit, you perform better at diving because you do not have to breathe hard and your heart does not race out of control. Few divers feel fatigue when diving because you are basically weightless when in the water. There is a sensation of floating which does not really require movement from the arms and hands. Most of the activity happens on the chest muscles and the large muscle groups in the legs.

Scuba diving according to some experts burn about 900 calories per hour although the range of calories that are actually used up in warm water diving is from 400 to 600 calories. There are many factors involved in burning calories that includes depth, water temperature, thermal protection, fitness level and work intensity. When diving, an individual uses the core muscles as well as the large muscle groups on the legs.

Water has a great ability to absorb heat so that when diving, body heat is lost faster than when on land. While body suits slow the down the process, the body still loses heat that is why is considered as great fitness exercise. Sadly, not everyone can dive frequently enough.

One of the most interesting aspects of liveaboard Similan is the abundance of diving opportunities. Aside from the comfortable accommodations, creative menus and bathroom facilities, liveaboard Similan has a team of professional divers who will ensure your safety in the water. If you have never dived in your life, the liveaboard is the perfect classroom for your training.

Blockchain To Change The World?

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Blockchain To Change The World

If you are not in the loop yet then you must know that blockchain is already here and that it is going to save the world. If you are not in any way aware of the existence of the said community, you might not be aware of how this technology can save everything. If you are not familiar with blockchain, you might have heard about the leading digital currency which is the bitcoin. It has been in existence for a while now but it has only been recognized since it gained popularity and boomed in 2014.

As of today, many consider the bitcoin not as important as the engine that is responsible in the operation of the network – the blockchain. It was developed in order to answer the underlying issue that have been presented to the digital devotees for many years – how to produce a digital asset without the need for an authority from a central governing body that is responsible in tracking the properties owned by anyone involved.

The issue was then solved through the proposition of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the bitcoin hiding behind a pseudo-name. He accomplished it by creating a digital ledger that is decentralized. The ledger is keeping records of all the transactions that are done and because the accuracy is a guarantee then it made sure that there is no cheating and loss in the whole network.

The operation works by making computers spend a lot of computing power as a proof that the transaction is secured and then that block is marked as trustworthy and included in the ledger. Of course it is possible to cheat the network but a lot of computing power is required. It would mean spending more energy compared to the total energy that is spent by honest users.

Of all the existing technology, bitcoin is the very first to employ the use of blockchain technology. The main purpose in the creation of blockchain was to record all the bitcoin transactions but it can also be employed as a distributed ledger for just about anything. As long as the transactin is recorded in a digital manner then it can also be recorded in the blockchain.